4 month old rottie chewing area near tail


by Misty

Hi, my 4 month old Rottie, Kota, keeps chewing the area near her tail. She has created sores and they even bleed she bites the area so hard.

I do not see any fleas on her and i use an all natural oatmeal shampoo when i bathe her. She also scratches a lot. I am concerned about allergies.

Also she is eating Blue Buffalo large breed puppy food chicken and brown rice. Any advice, thanks.

Hi Misty
It definitely sounds as though your pup could be suffering from allergies. Rotties do tend to be predisposed towards skin conditions caused by allergic reactions.

Chewing at the tail area and being generally itchy are classic signs.

The food you are using is a good one, but just in case it’s a dog food allergy you may want to try one of the other premium puppy foods listed on my Best Puppy Food page. Either the Solid Gold Wolfcub Puppy (Bison) or one of the Precise range of foods would be a good choice.

Even if you don’t see any fleas on him, unless you’re using an effective flea and tick preventative such as K9 Advantix , it could still be the problem. Dogs can be highly sensitive to flea saliva and one or two fleas can cause a LOT of discomfort.

It’s also possible that he’s suffering from seasonal allergies. Finding the ‘trigger’ in these cases can be difficult, but your vet can help you there if necessary. Meantime, a generic benadryl for dogs
icon can help you figure out if allergies are the problem. If after using this for a week your dog’s symptoms improve then an allergic response is the most likely culprit.

There are a lot of natural products that can help soothe itchiness and help relieve symptoms, although finding the dog’s allergy trigger is the only way to eliminate the problem. Check out my Canine Allergies page to learn more about these.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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Jun 14, 2011


Chewing tail area
by: Misty Thanks so much for the advice. I will try all of the suggestions. Thanks Julie, I will look for that product and see if it helps.:-)

Jun 13, 2011


by: Julie Another option – do you have access to Rawleighs products. They make an ointment that can be used on animals and is great for skin infections and sores. I use it on both my dogs. (they don’t lick it off because it doesn’t taste that great). it is an American product that has been around for a long time. i sell it here in New Zealand and have been told by some of my custers that their parents use to use it on all their farm animals. Hope this helps.

Jun 13, 2011


by: Julie Hi your dog could be allergic to the shampoo, is it a pet shampoo or a human one. If you have access to water for swimming then that should be all you need for bathing. I don’t bath my rotties just swim them. Good luck.

Jun 13, 2011


Great to Know
by: Anonymous I never would have dreamed that they make benedryl for dogs. Thanks for the great advice. I will keep that in mind for my boys.

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