3 months male puppy 8kg in weight ,eating very little parents are very big dogs

by Kevin

at 10 weeks

at 10 weeks

at 10 weeks

10 weeks


8 weeks

hi, my 3 months old rottweiler puppy is 8 kg in weight and eats very little and no rib cage appearing but stomach well tucked in.

I got him when he was 5 weeks and was completley underweight does not eat dry food at all always eating a little of meat thats’ it. hH is very active ,both his parents are of good bloodline and show winners also they are very big in size.

I’m worried he might get health issues in future with this low weight/growth kindly do advise me if it’s normal or what steps i have to take to get him to eat.

thank you.

Hi Kevin
8 kgs at 3 months is definitely below average for a Rottweiler pup, but from the photos you’ve submitted he doesn’t LOOK particularly skinny or underweight, so it could be that his bone size is appropriate to his development right now.

More worrying is that he isn’t eating enough, and a little bit of meat won’t provide the nutrients he needs. Large breed puppies grow very quickly and it’s important that they get the right amount of nutrition in order to support that growth and development.

I’m not sure what type of puppy food there is available in your region, but you need to find a way to either get him to eat a premium puppy food (even if you need to mix it with some meat/broth etc.) or to feed him a balanced home-made diet that includes all the food groups he needs.

My Feeding Puppies page has lots of information on the recommended diet for large breed pups, and my Best Puppy Food page features some of the best premium food.

If these foods aren’t available to you, you might want to check out this webpage… Feed Program For Overseas. It has tons of great information that will help you get your pup the balanced diet he needs.

As for future health problems, as long as you can make sure he gets a balanced diet and he is also fully vaccinated and protected from parasites, both internal (worms) and external (fleas and ticks), and gets regular veterinary care he should be fine.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your pup.

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