13 week old puppy limping after an hour play session with an 11 month old Rotti.

by Suzanne La Placette
(Puerto Rico)


I am concerned because I let my 13 week old, new to me, Rottweiler play with our 11 month old. Yesterday they played about 40 mins. together and did fantastic. My husband and I supervised the entire time.

Today, I let them play about an hour and then about 1 hour later, after resting, she got up and was limping. She is applying weight to both hind legs but I think it is her left one that is hurting. I have her resting now and won’t let her exercise anymore until she is well. I am just wondering if puppies are as prone to knee or tendon injuries as are larger dogs.

The puppy weighs about 26 pounds. Any input will be most helpful as I am overly anxious that now she is seriously injured!

Thanks very much,

Hi Suzanne
I wouldn’t panic about this if she seems otherwise happy and healthy. Hopefully she is from a breeder who has dogs with OFA certified hips – that way you have less chance of her developing hip problems.

Rotties do tend to be susceptible to knee injuries, and it’s possible for puppies to damage themselves while playing, especially if they’re running and turning rapidly, or on uneven ground. However, if she’s putting weight on the leg then I doubt she’s done anything too major.

Large breed pups are also prone to ‘growing pains’ (see my page on Panosteitis to learn more about this), but usually that starts in the front legs rather than the rear ones.

I’d definitely recommend letting her rest for a while and limiting the play sessions until she’s stopped limping… generally this shouldn’t take more than a few hours or a day. If she is still limping after 24 hours then I’d recommend having your vet take a look just to make sure that she’s not done any major damage.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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Mar 01, 2011


Thanks for the input!
by: Suzanne

Hi Again,
I am happy to report that Lea is completely fine now. I gave her a day of rest and now she has 20 min. play sessions 4 times a day. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

Another question, Lea seems to have the “flying ear” thing. I have followed your suggestions about the massage. Can you tell me when I might see some changes? It is only the left ear but I would hate for it to stay this way. She just came to me last Wednesday but maybe the stress of the airplane ride was enough to bring it on. She is now 13 weeks old.


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