my rotties

by janette
(st petersburg, fl)

The newest addition to the family is a very sweet rottie named Bailey...we just brainstormed and decided we liked it. ( my 6 year old wanted to name her "Rainbow" or "Flower".

I also had a rottie named Keisha... she pretty much picked out her own name. we said name after name and she responded right away when we said that one... my friend also came up with the same name and she again that name stuck...

We had a stray that just kind of adopted us and never went away, so of course we loved her and spoiled her.. her name was Keeva.

Rotties are definitely my favorite breed of dogs.... they are a beautiful and striking breed...and in my opinion, all very sweet and family loving and loyal..

Bailey will not let anyone near my now 8 year old daughter. she even tried to stop me from spanking her at one point... they are inseparable.

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