do i feed my Rottweiler puppy puppy food or not?

by Connie
(Midlothian, TX, USA)

My vet advised me not to feed my new puppy, puppy food as it will make her grow quicker and cause problems with her bones as she get's a little older.

I feed my dog's all natural brand dry dog food and was talking with a man who has a rescue about my vet telling me not to feed my rottweiler puppy food where he disagreed and said a large breed puppy food should be used up to 2 years of age to develop strong bones.

So, now I am unsure as to what is best for my girl, a good all natural puppy food or adult food and pet-form vitamin-mineral supplement, cosequin- DS, and Ester -C immune support tabs.

When I changed her to the puppy food, I stopped the supplement's as I don't want to give her to much of something and cause her damage in the future.

Hi Connie
This is a subject where there are often conflicting opinions - with each side being passionate about their viewpoint!

Personally I agree with your second recommendation - that is to feed a puppy food until the pup is mature. The key here is to feed only a premium food that has been specifically formulated for large breed puppies.

That way you can be sure that the optimum ratio of protein:fats:calcium etc. is adhered to and that your puppy doesn't get too much of anything. Your vet is correct in that some puppy foods are too high in protein for a large breed puppy and can lead to bone/joint issues, but a premium 'large breed puppy food' won't have that problem.

I'd recommend that you visit my Feeding Puppies page as it has all the information you need on how to choose the correct food, and what dietary needs your pup has. My Best Puppy Food page has more info. plus a selection of some of the best choices on the market.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your pup.

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Best puppy food

by James
(Kalamazoo ,Michigan)

If you could only choose between Innova large breed puppy food(which I use now) or Solid gold wolfcub large breed puppy food which would you choose.

I know they are both excellent foods. Now that Proctor and Gamble is the owner of Innova i am concerned, not running in terror, just concerned.

I am also confused when researching puppy foods about which one is really the best for large breed pups.

Hi James
You're not the only dog owner to be confused about which is the best puppy food for their large breed puppy (or any other sized pup either for that matter!). It's definitely an area where there is a lot of conflicting opinion.

In light of the takeover by Proctor and Gamble, if I were personally to choose between the Innova large breed puppy food and the Solid Gold Wolfcub large breed food - then I'd be going with the Solid Gold.

P&G made some pretty major changes in ingredients to the Iams and Eukanuba brands after buying out the Iams company. These were not changes for the better. Of course, that doesn't mean that the same thing will happen to Innova, but until I knew for certain that wasn't going to be the case I'd be exercising caution.

This of course, is just a personal opinion and you will need to weigh all your options and personal preferences etc. before making your own decision. Best of luck.

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have a 9 weeks old female rottweiler puppy but she doesn't eat that much. All it drinks is milk.?

When i try any other food, it doesn't eat but just plays with it. Is there something wrong with it?

If your puppy seems happy and healthy and active otherwise, then chances are there's nothing much to worry about.

Usually for the first few days, or week, in a new environment a new puppy is going through an adjustment period. She may sleep more than usual, not have much appetite and generally seem a bit sad or homesick, this usually wears off within a few days and the pup becomes more active and looks happier.

Also, some puppies are just 'picky eaters' and may not be too worried about eating. You can't MAKE a puppy eat but it is your responsibility to provide the right type of nutrition for her and that isn't milk I'm afraid. She needs a premium puppy food (see my Feeding Puppies and Best Puppy Food pages for more info) and water to drink.

Don't worry if she plays with her food, or picks at it, just offer it to her three times a day and let her choose how much she eats. Nature won't allow her to starve herself!

If there are any other signs of dog diseases or symptoms (such as vomiting or diarrhea or extreme lethargy) then have her examined by your vet right away to make sure she is healthy.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your Rottie.

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Canidae ALS grain-free dog food for Rottie pup?

by Nathaniel

I want to know if this is a good dog food for my 12 week old Rottweiler puppy I was planning on getting the grain free ALS formula.

Is this food to high in protein for my puppy?

Hi Nathaniel
Canidae is a good food, and the formula you mention is an 'all life stages' food, however for a large-breed pup I would consider this to be too high in protein. The recommended level of protein should be between 23% and 25% and in this formula it's 34%, this could be a problem for those large and fast-growing bones and joints.

I'd recommend that you check out my Best Puppy Food page and try to find something that fits within those guidelines.

Best of luck in your research.

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Feeding Chicken or Beef liver for 2 month old Rottweiler

by Manuel Sijo

Am new to this site..

I have 2 month old Male Rottweiler,am feeding chicken or beef liver with rice. Still now he don't have any stomach problem. shall i continue?.

And also feeding bread with milk and some times fish with rice is it good or not.

Expecting your valuable advice.

Hi Manuel
All the elements of the diet you mention (with the exception of the bread) are fine, but they need to be in the right proportion in order for your pup to get the nutrition he needs to grow properly.

I recommend using a premium, commercial puppy food, specifically formulated for large breed puppies for at least part of his mealtimes. That way you will know that he is getting the diet that he needs.

If you want to also continue feeding him a home made diet, I suggest checking out this website article... Feed Program for Overseas.

It is specifically for people living in Asia/India/Africa and has information on suitable commercial foods and also how to construct a home-made diet that is nutritionally complete.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your Rottweiler.

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puppy frustrating eating habits

i got a months puppy. since i had him his eating habits were very frustrating i put his food on the ground he sometimes eat 10% of what i give him and sometimes doesn't eat at all and he never seems interested in his food he, and he's be this way since i got him.

sometimes i get angry and very frustrated because i prepare the food and he doesn't give a shit and i'm sure i don't give him too much food the female puppy of the same age eats the same quantity i present it to him he's now about 35 lbs and the female is about 50 lbs please what can i do ?

is there some related medical condition that can cause this ?

please help me i'm very frustrated, really sometimes i get up in the morning thinking do i have to prepare him a meal or it's not a problem and he may get his next meal next week !!

Puppies are like children, and they go through phases and stages - each pup being an individual and not necessarily acting the same way as any other pup!

Some pups (and dogs) are 'chow-hounds' and others just don't seem interested, as long as your vet is happy with him, and he seems happy and healthy in himself, I wouldn't worry too much about all this. Offer him his meals (be sure it's a premium quality dog food, or a well-balanced home-made meal designed to meet his specific dietary requirements) and give him up to 30 minutes to eat them. Whatever he leaves, just pick up and then don't offer him anything else until the next mealtime.

He may not eat as much as you would like, but he won't starve himself! Also, male pups take longer to reach maturity, so he may catch up in terms of weight. BUT, he may not and as long as he's healthy that's okay. As I said earlier, every dog is different and his adult weight/height is determined mostly by genetics and his lineage.

It's important that gets offered his meals regularly so don't get frustrated to the point of giving up. It's your responsibility to offer him nutritious meals daily, but it's HIS responsibility to eat them :o)

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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Doesn't Eat

by Lola

My Rottweiler pup doesn't eat any more and it's getting very weak.

If your Rottweiler puppy isn't eating then he is in serious trouble already, the fact that he's getting weak shows that.

Please get him to a veterinarian right away as you need to find out why he's not eating. This isn't a situation I can help with as it's urgent and requires expert help.

This little pup is relying on you to take care of him, please do that by getting him veterinary help. I hope he makes a full recovery.

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how to feed newly born puppies

by thabo
(midrand, johannesburg,SA)

my rottie is pregnant and the last time it was pregnant all her puppies died , she could not take care of them, it was her first experience and i guess it was overwhelming and i could not help.

this time i want to make sure things are done correctly, when they are born today, what is expected of me to do, including the feeding part

Hi Thabo
It's not terribly unusual for a first-time momma to be overwhelmed by motherhood (after all it's a shock to her, she has no idea she's about to give birth!).

Sometimes she is much better with subsequent litters and all goes well. However, there are some dogs who simply don't have maternal instincts, and cannot cope with having a litter and they should be spayed. If your female exhibits the same issues this time, I strongly advise you to have her spayed as soon as she recovers from the pregnancy and delivery.

For now though as she is already pregnant you are right to be concerned. But don't assume that she won't care for the pups and remove them from her right away. Instead, give her a chance to nurse them and bond with them and supervise her carefully while being there to provide practical and emotional support.

If she does reject them, or try to harm them, you will need to take them away for their own safety and bottle (or tube) feed them. The most important things then will be to keep them warm and to provide the right nutrition.

I'd recommend that you read this webpage thoroughly... New Born Puppies as it has all the tips and advice you should need. Also, do have a vet on 'stand by' so that you know what to do, or where to go, if there is an emergency situation.

Hand rearing puppies can be tricky, and is very time consuming, so it's a last resort only. I hope that your dog will take care of her pups this time around and wish you the very best of luck.

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how to feed a 2 week old Rottweiler puppy

by adrian m
(tucson arizona)

How much milk you give to a two week old rottweiler?

Hi Adrian
It really depends on whether the momma is feeding this pup, or it's being totally bottle fed. Also, the amount of puppy formula to give daily depends on the weight of the puppy, not it's age.

For example if the puppy weighs 1lb, then he/she needs about 4oz of formula per day - this should be divided between the number of feedings (usually 4 - 6) per day.

Only use a proper puppy formula or a well-tested home-made version (see this page for tips and advice on that.... Bottle Feeding Puppies). Regular cows milk or baby formula won't do.

You may also want to check out this webpage New Born Puppies as it has all the information you need to help you take care of these little ones.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your puppies.

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treats for Rottie pups

by Dina
(Loyalhanna PA)

Hi, my name is Dina and my husband and I are getting us a Rottie pup in about 6 weeks. We want to make sure we do everything right.

We have printed out a lot of your website and read it about puppies and adults. It has really helped us to figure out what we need to do. What I was wondering is when we train our puppy, what kind of treats can we give to her? Like training treats( the little treats).

Just wondering if you knew a good kind.

Thanks, Dina

Hi Dina
Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your new puppy, there's nothing better than a Rottie pup!

I'm very happy that my website has been able to help you prepare for your new 'baby', and I hope it makes raising him much more straightforward for you.

As for training treats, I'd generally advise staying away from the ones that have a lot of artificial colors, flavors and additives as they can trigger diarrhea, allergies and digestive upsets. The more natural the better, and obviously they should be small, or cut into small pieces, so that you're not feeding your pup a whole meals' worth of treats.

Freeze-dried liver is very good and I've yet to meet a pup or dog who didn't like it - no matter how fussy they were. You can buy it in most large pet food stores. The only drawback is that it's expensive, but as you only need tiny pieces, it's worth it in my opinion.

Another good choice is the frozen Biljac. There are Biljac liver treats which are also fine, but I use the frozen Biljac meat which you can find in pet stores as well as the frozen section at Walmart and other grocery stores. It's very cost effective, and again dogs love it. The only drawback on this is that you need to defrost what you want to use daily and keep it refrigerated once defrosted as it doesn't keep for long.

Other 'human' foods that you can use include tiny pieces of cheese or cold cuts and hot dogs can be sliced very thin (and then I zap them in the microwave for a little while to crisp them up and remove some of the fat). Some puppies and dogs like vegetables, and although I prefer to give mine a meat-based treat there's nothing wrong with a veggie treat.

Hope this gives you some ideas. I wish you the best of luck with your pup. When you bring him home don't forget to submit a photo for my Rottweiler Photos page :o)

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Puppy Food. Best One For Rottie Puppy

by Nathaniel

What is the best dry food for my rottweiler puppy?

Hi Nathaniel
There are a lot of really good puppy and dog foods out there, but there's also a lot of poor ones. I can't pick out just one BEST food for your pup but I do suggest that you check out my Best Puppy Food page to see a selection of some of the ones I'd consider excellent.

For more general info. on feeding puppies, check out my Feeding Puppies page. Best of luck.

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what kind of food should i feed my rottie & how often & how much

by gwendolyn

I have a 6 month old rottie & I would like to know how much food to feed her & what kind of food & how often.

She suffers with dandruff.

Hi Gwendolyn
If your pup has skin problems she may be suffering from canine allergies, and it's possible that food ingredients are a trigger.

Or she could have been bathed too often, or with a too-strong shampoo, or just be spending a lot of time in a very dry environment.

As for feeding her, I'd strongly recommend that you these pages on my website ...

Feeding Puppies

Best Puppy Food

Hypoallergenic Dog Food

They have all the advice and information you need to help you make sure that she has the optimum nutrition and grows up strong and healthy.

Best of luck.

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How much should we feed our Rottweiler puppy?

by sasha

Our puppy is 16 weeks old and weighs about 40lbs. We're feeding him what the food bag says, but he still seems to be hungry all the time.

Should we feed him more?

Hi Sasha
It's difficult to say if you're giving your pup the right amount of food as I don't know what food you're using, or how much it recommends that you feed per day.

First of all I'd want to make sure that your pup has been dewormed regularly, that way you can be sure that it's not canine worms that are causing him to be hungry all the time.

If he's up to date on his deworming and puppy vaccinations and is healthy, then you should be guided by his appetite.

Puppies go through phases and stages, just like human children do, and sometimes they are hungry all the time, other times they don't seem particularly interested in eating. Increases in appetite often coincide with growth spurts or significant periods of development in puppies.

Do make sure that you are feeding a high quality, premium puppy food designed for large breed pups. It's important to feed the best puppy food that you can as large breed pups have very specific dietary requirements. Check out my Feeding Puppies page for more on this.

Your pup will need to eat less of an appropriate premium puppy food than he will a cheaper/generic food. This is because the better quality foods are more nutrient dense and don't have a lot of fillers, or any 'junk' ingredients. This also results in fewer, firmer stools - always a plus when Housebreaking A Puppy.

Once you've chosen a good puppy food, offer him what the bag suggests for his age/weight and if he gobbles it all up in two minutes, then give him some more. Alternatively, if he walks off and doesn't return for more within 10 mins or so, then give him a bit less next time.

If you're ever concerned about his weight/eating habits and aren't sure if he's overweight/underweight etc., it's a good idea to have your vet take a look at him and he'll be able to tell you how to gauge that. You should be able to 'feel' his ribs under a thin layer of fat, and he should have a 'waist'.

Little puppies are often like little butter-balls, but bigger pups and adolescent dogs can look a bit 'out of proportion' for a while as they get their full height before they gain their full weight. Rotties, particularly males, are slow to mature so don't worry about this, it's normal.

Hope this helps. Best of luck with your pup.

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how many time should a puppy be fed?

i have a rottweiler puppy who's 8 week and just started with dry food. How many time should i feed him?

At 8 weeks old you can feed your puppy 3 times a day, morning mid-day and early evening. Give him free access to fresh water all day though.

Once he reaches somewhere between around 16 weeks old you can go down to feeding twice a day, and then once he's mature and adult (anywhere between 18 months and 2 1/2 years normally) you can feed him just once a day.

I'd recommend that you check out both my Feeding Puppies page and my Best Puppy Food page as they have tons of information and advice that will help you.

Best of luck with your pup.

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How long do I keep my 8 month old Rottie on puppy food?

by Marsha J. O'Brien
(Redding, Ca)

Dakota - 8 months old the 26th!

Dakota - 8 months old the 26th!

I just want to make sure that we give Dakota the nutrition she needs to develop right and I keep getting different answers from friends.

I know you are not a veterinarian, but is it an indication of hip problems if she seems to favor her left rear side often? Or could it just be a "tweak" from running and sliding? Can you have an x-ray before one year old to check it out, or when has her body basically past the "puppy" development stage?

Thank you so much for ANY information you may be able to share!

We dearly love the breed and this is our first female.

Hi Marsha
Dakota is beautiful, she certainly looks in great condition!

Rotties are very slow to mature and often don't reach adulthood until they're around 18 months - 2 years old. Sometimes males are even slower, especially the really big boys. I had a male who didn't really 'grow into' his head and bone structure until he was 3 years old!

Because they're growing pretty rapidly (albeit in fits and starts) during puppyhood and adolescence, I find it best to keep them on a large breed puppy food until they're around 18 months old. You'll definitely find differing opinions on this, and some people prefer to switch to an adult food by a year old, but in my personal opinion that is too early.

My Feeding Puppies and Best Puppy Food pages have tons of tips and advice that will help you in this area.

Rotties are big and heavy, and they can be clumsy and poorly co-ordinated during the rapid growth stages they experience in adolescence. It's best not to allow a pup to jump or run too far on hard surfaces while their bones/joints are developing. This can lead to injury or problems.

If Dakota is favoring one side, she could have hurt the knee joint on the back leg (injury to this joint is fairly common in Rotties), or she could have a hip joint that isn't well formed. It could also simply be 'growing pains' (otherwise known as Panosteitis), which is a bone condition that is also pretty common in young large breed pups. One which they grow out of.

If Dakotas parents have and OFA rating of 'Good' or 'Excellent', chances are her hips are fine. If her parents weren't OFA'd or they had a 'Fair' or 'Poor' rating, she could have a congenital hip defect.

As you have guessed, at this age, X-rays will be inconclusive as she is still growing and her bones/joints aren't fully formed. Your vet may be able to tell if she has a hip problem by manually manipulating her joint, but it's not foolproof by any means.

If she seems to have trouble getting up from a sitting, or lying position, seems to 'hop' or skip when she walks, appears to have pain/discomfort in her rear end, or you can hear a 'clicking' sound as she walks, then a hip problem should be suspected.

I'd suggest talking over your concern with your veterinarian and ask his advice, he would be in the best position to get you on track for a diagnosis. Hopefully, there is nothing to worry about but it's always better to be safe than sorry.

I wish you the best of luck with your beautiful girl - enjoy her.

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Best food for adolescent Rottie

by Martha
(St. Louis, MO, USA)

I have my first Rottie, a 13 month old female. We got her at 8 weeks old. I planned to feed her a homemade diet, but got so scared about the correct calcium amount (and I couldn't find a homemade recipe that was specifically for large breeds) that I went with Innova large breed puppy formula.

At 1 year of age, I wanted an excellent food, but a little cheaper. I switched (gradually) to Fromm Family large breed puppy, but the bites are tiny. They're rated 4 stars by so I just bought a bag of 5-star rated Taste of the Wild High Prairie. But, then I noticed that it's 32% protein and 18% fat, with no mention of the calcium content. This seems a little high on the protein and fat to me.

So, my questions are - (1)At what age do you recommend switching to regular food from puppy food for a Rottie?

(2) Do you recommend a certain brand of food, or a protein/fat ratio to look for? (3) Is there any truth to the idea that high protein foods make dogs more aggressive?

My girl is 13 months old, 67 lbs, and beautiful! She's a very sweet dog, great with my grandson - they're best buds.

Love your website! Thanks for any help you can give~

Hi Martha
'Taste of the Wild High Prarie' is a premium food but in my personal opinion the protein is too high for an adolescent Rottweiler (or pup obviously). I also can't see any mention of the calcium levels, although it does contain chelated minerals which is preferable.

At 13 months old your pup is still a fair bit from being mature, personally I would keep a pup on a puppy-formula until they are at least 18 months old, sometimes even up to 2 years or so depending on the growth and maturity of the individual dog.

As far as a high-protein diet making a dog more 'aggressive', I don't think it's a case of being aggressive as much as having extra energy that needs to be 'dispersed appropriately' or that pent-up emotion could cause the dog to act out.

My personal feelings would be to keep her on a puppy-appropriate formula for another 6 months or so and then gradually change her over to whatever premium adult food you prefer. As long as she's healthy and active, and her bone growth has been completed, this 'Taste of the Wild' food may be more suitable then.

There's more information on feeding puppies in general and specific food recommendations on these pages...

Feeding Puppies

Best Puppy Food

Hope this helps somewhat. Best of luck with your pup she sounds perfect :o)

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what to feed puppy on

by kelly

I have a rottie puppy and not sure what to feed her and and she keep crying.

Hi Kelly
I'm not sure how old your pup is, but if she's over 4 weeks old she should be able to eat dry puppy food soaked in warm water for about 10 mins.
Or canned puppy food, preferably mixed with dry food too.

Rotties are big, fast growing pups and she needs the right nutrition to grow and develop. I'd recommend that you take a look at my Feeding Puppies page as it has lots of tips and advice.

If your pup is under a month old, she will need puppy formula, or failing that goats milk could work, as well as food. If she's crying a lot, then she could be sick, so I'd strongly recommend that you have her examined by a vet as soon as possible.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your pup.

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What should I feed my healthy Rottweiler? Should she still be drinking milk?

by Christy
(Oxnard, CA)

We just brought "Honey" home from her mother and the previous owner said just gave us dry food to give Honey.

So my question is what kind of food would be best for her and should I be giving her milk still?

I do give her water.

Hi Christy
I'm assuming your pup is at least 8 weeks old, and at this age puppies no longer need milk, water is just fine.

Rottweiler pups grow and develop at a tremendous pace, and they have very specific nutritional needs. It's vitally important that they're fed a premium quality food so that their bodies get all the vitamins and nutrients they need.

First of all, I'd recommend that you check out both of these pages...

Feeding Puppies
Best Puppy Food

as they have all the information and advice you need to make sure that Honey gets everything she needs.

If the food the breeder gave you isn't a premium food, or isn't the one you'd prefer to use, then you need to gradually transition from this to the food you prefer. Sudden changes in diet can cause dog diarrhea and you don't want that.

Hope this helps, best of luck with Honey. Enjoy her!

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