Are male Rottweilers more aggressive than females?

Which is more aggressive male or female rottweilers?

To set the record straight... Rottweilers are not aggressive dogs in general! Please see my Are Rottweilers Dangerous? page to find out what the REAL Rottweiler is all about.

If you're asking 'which sex is more protective', then it's a different question, but there's no simple answer. So much depends on the individual personality of the dog, and although males are generally bigger and stronger they're not necessarily more protective. Females can be very good at 'guarding' their families if the need arises.

Please don't consider getting a Rottie because you think they are an aggressive breed, or any such thing. These are incredible dogs - loyal, loving, intelligent and very sensitive. They need an owner who really understands the breed and their needs. If you want to add a Rottweiler to your family I'd recommend reading a lot of the information on this site so that you know exactly how to raise him/her properly.

Best of luck.

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Jan 08, 2016
Rotties NEW
by: Cathy

We gave 3 dogs. We always have. And mine has always been a rottie. I'll always have one. To me, they're the smartest, greatest service dogs, protective, most beautiful, most compassionate, and most regal of all dogs.

Oct 29, 2015
Aleah NEW
by: Anonymous

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Oct 04, 2014
what a rottweiler needs NEW
by: Anonymous

Rottweilers are a Highly intelligent breed That Need a intelligent owner to show them the rights&wrongs in society! Thare dogs that should never be in the Hand of an Idiot Thay need firm but fair guidance.If you can do that you have the best freind in life & such a pleasure to walk proudly on the lead.

Nov 06, 2013
love of the breed NEW
by: hope

Owned male rotties all my life , they were very quit , smart and brave, you had had to gives them rules as soon s possible to let them no were they stand, after my last male passed on got a female rottie she seems more guardeand of her home saved the life of my elderly neighbore who she fell in love with, some one had a young germin sheperd male who broke loose at the lake my female fought rhe dog away from my elderly neighbore who went with us needless to say there was enough wittness, rotties are the best dogs evet in the right hands

Oct 09, 2012
Rottweiler #1 NEW
by: Anonymous

Rottweilers are The #1 aggressive dog!!! However, all dogs can be agressive, in the wrong hands these dogs can be very dangerous, all down to the owner at the end of the day. Rottweilers are smart, highly loyal and very protective. Top breed of dog without a doubt!

Feb 14, 2012
Temperment NEW
by: Anonymous

In the perfect world, every rottweiler would be just as tame and laid back as a golden retriever. It's just not the case. These dogs have a natural instinct to protect. It's just the way it is. I can understand that some owners are getting annoyed with the bad repuatation and are down playing the fact that they are "mean" dogs. They aren't, they are an awesome breed. The wrong people buy them for the wrong reasons.

To be REAL, a male rottweiler will be more dominant and "agressive" than a female. It's a fact...

Jan 05, 2012
which?? NEW
by: Tim from Ny

Ive owned both. Im a caretaker of a property so a rottie is my surveillance and backup. My male was for the most part a big dope. he never let on to when he would get tough. Which wasnt very often. he was big so that was enough. my current rottie is a female. Shes smarter, tougher, not scared of anything! very friendly on and off the property. off the property she never breaks her friendly demeanor. As to which?? in my case the male was super easy. I just like how my female handles herself. Both have been rescues and both i fully introduced immediately to evryone and both dogs got to work on their rottie lean as they soaked up the pets. ALL DOGS ARE INFERIOR TO THE ROTTIE>

Feb 02, 2011
U suck
by: Anonymous

Rottweilers are the second most agressive dog.

Feb 02, 2011
U suck
by: Anonymous

Rottweilers are the second most agressive dog.

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