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Rottweiler Books - Recommended Reading!

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The Rottweiler books on this page are some of my personal favorites. Whether you're a Rottweiler puppy/dog owner (or plan to be), or are simply a fan of the amazing Rottweiler breed I hope you enjoy them.

It's important to remember that very dog breed is different, and every dog within each breed is a unique individual.

Learning more about the breed that you're interested in (or already own) will help you to understand and care for your dog better. It's also a big step towards building a long, happy and healthy relationship between you.

So, come on in and browse through the great selection of Rottweiler books below. There's bound to be at least one that you just HAVE to have!

Bombproof: A True Story of Second Chances

Here's a book that I recently found - and one that I think any Rottie owner will enjoy.

Now, it's NOT a Rottweiler training book, or one that will help you care for your pup or adult dog. What it IS, is a heart-warming story that shows the true character of this breed and their intelligence, courage, loyalty and love.

Bronson, the Rottie-mix service dog, saved his owner's life - both figuratively and literally

..... I challenge you to read the first few pages without being 'hooked' and wanting to hear the whole story!

Rottweiler Books - For Puppy Owners

Rottweilers for Dummies

I love the 'For Dummies' series of books, and have a quite few of them (covering everything from Algebra to Sleep Disorders).

Of course, I also have the 'Rottweilers For Dummies' edition.

When it comes to Rottweiler books, this is a great choice for new puppy owners. It's written in an easy-to-read, common sense style.

Packed with useful Rottweiler info, practical tips and a good dose of humor.

Definitely a good place to start.

The Everything Rottweiler Book: A complete guide to raising, training, and caring for your Rottweiler (Everything Series)

This handy book gives a good, basic overview of Rottweiler care, again in an easy-to-read style.

A good book for Rottweiler 'beginners' or people who just want to find out more about this breed.

Covers all the basics, including training your Rottweiler, socialization, feeding, grooming and more.

A useful and interesting handbook.

ROTTWEILER DVD! Everything You Should Know + Dog & Puppy Training Bonus

This DVD from the Pet Video Library provides an insight into the history and origin of the breed, plus information and advice on feeding, grooming, training and more.

If you prefer to watch, rather than read, this is going to be perfect for you.

The bonus DVDs include 'INTERACTIVE BASIC OBEDIENCE' which will help you teach your Rottweiler puppy basic manners and obedience commands, and 'PUPPY PLAY DATE' designed to help keep your little guy or girl occupied when you're not home.

The Art of Raising a Puppy

Although this can't exactly be classified under the 'Rottweiler Books' heading, it's one of my all-time favorite books and I highly recommend it to all puppy owners (no matter what breed you have).

The featured breed in this book is the German Shepherd, but the wealth of information and advice is perfect for Rottweiler puppy owners too.

Everything is covered in great detail, from before a puppy is even born, right through his adolescence and into adulthood. Designed to give you a better understanding of your pup physically, emotionally and on a social level.

This is the book I go back to over and over again.

Rottweiler Books - Breed Information, Training & More

Training Your Rottweiler (Training Your Dog Series)

One of the best Rottweiler training books around!

A practical guide tailored to the individual needs of Rottie owners. The author is a professional dog trainer and has a very thorough understanding of (and love for) the Rottweiler breed.

Covers everything from choosing the right puppy and basic puppy training and socialization, to formal obedience training, CGC Certification (Canine Good Citizen), Agility. And pretty much EVERYTHING inbetween.

This excellent book will help you understand your Rottweiler, which will make training so much easier!

I'd say this is a one of the 'must own' Rottweiler books.

Rottweiler (Dog Owner's Guide)

A very interesting and well written book that gives new owners an accurate picture of the Rottweiler breed.

The author has owned, bred, trained, shown, and judged, Rottweilers for over 30 years, and she knows what she's talking about!

This practical book has lots of valuable information for Rottweiler owners, and is packed with expert tips and advice.

Covers finding/choosing a breeder; picking a healthy puppy; basic puppy care; feeding & nutrition; socialization and training; behavior problems; health care.... the list goes on.

Another of those 'must have' Rottweiler books!

The Professional's Book of Rottweilers (Professional Book of Series)

This is one of my favorite Rottweiler books, and it's both big and beautiful - just like my dogs :o)

A coffee-table style book, it doesn't just look good. In fact it's postively overflowing with everything you've ever wanted to know about the Rottweiler breed.

There's detailed information on Rottweiler history and origins, the establishment of the breed in Germany, the US, the UK, Canada, Australia and other several other countries.

In addition to advice and tips for choosing, raising and training your pup you'll find Breed standards, pedigree information, Shutzhund, showing (and gorgeous photographs) ..... really too much to mention.

This is truly a book that Rottweiler lovers will cherish. Worth every penny!

The Rottweiler: Centuries of Service (Howell's Best of Breed Library)
"With training, socialization and responsible owners, the Rottweiler is a wonder dog--it's up to you to make the difference."

This sentence sums up exactly what I feel about Rottweilers - and what I hope I can pass along through this website.

This is another of the outstanding Rottweiler books that I highly recommend. The knowledge, expertise and abundant love that the authors have with this breed comes across loud and clear.

There's tons of great breed information, tips and advice on every page.... and the photos are jsut beautiful.

A treat for Rottweiler lovers everywhere.

When it comes to dog books (and CD's/DVD's), you can't beat the incredible selection at Dogwise. I could spend a whole day browsing through their site!

Use this searchbox to access all the Rottweiler books you need (and every other breed or topic imaginable!)


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