Young rottweiler not gained weight in 4 months

Hi there,
My male rottie reached 49kg at 10 months he is now 13 months and has not gained anything. i have not changed his food he is still on pedigree puppy and he is fully wormed,

Is he done growing or should i being doing something differently now he is a year old?

Thanks Kyle

Hi Kyle
At this age your pup is most definitely not done growing and should be gaining in both height and weight. However, at 49kg (that’s over 100lbs) at 10 months he’s overweight for his age unless he has a way-above average bone size and frame.

If he’s not gained any weight in 3 months something is wrong. Presuming that he seems otherwise fit and healthy, and is eating normally, it could be that he’s not getting adequate nutrition.

Rottie pups are large, and they grow and develop rapidly, their bodies need a lot of nutrients, in the right proportion, in order to fulfill their potential. Pedigree is not a premium food and I doubt that it can supply what your pup needs.

I’d recommend that you check out both my Feeding Puppies and Best Puppy Food pages as they have lots of tips and advice to help you make sure he’s eating a premium food and getting the right balance of nutrition.

I would also suggest that you have your veterinarian give your pup a check up to make sure that there isn’t an underlying health problem causing him to fail to gain weight. Even though he’s been dewormed, he could still have a worm problem, or another parasitic condition, or some other health issue that’s interfering with the absorption of nutrients. Only your vet can make an accurate diagnosis.

Hope this helps and that you get him back on track soon. Best of luck.

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