yearly vaccinations for Rottweilers?

Should i give my 1 year old yearly vaccinations besides a Rabies shot.

I keep reading dogs shouldn’t get them yearly. I never gave my other Rottie vaccines only Rabies.

Should i do the same again? she lived til she was 11 1/2 yrs old. and she had diabetes…

This is a good question, unfortunately there’s really no definitive answer at this point and there are a lot of variables!

Some vaccines are now designed to be given every 3 years rather than annually, and you could discuss this with your veterinarian. The Rabies shot has to be given yearly by law and you obviously are doing that so no problems there.

Because Rottweilers are so at risk of contracting Parvo I would most definitely recommend that you have your Rottie vaccinated against that annually. If he/she spends much time around other dogs (ie visits doggie daycare, kennels, formal training classes, dog parks etc.) then I’d also say that the Bordatella vaccine is vital. The intra-nasal (nose drops) is usually good for one year and more long lasting than the sub-cutaneous (needle) which is only effective for about 6 months. But it needs to be redone annually to give protection.

There is a lot of discussion about over-vaccination and auto-immune disorders, shortened life-span and so on. Unfortunately there is a lot of conflicting studies and evidence and experts are not in agreement about many things.

If you have a healthy dog who isn’t exposed to a host of other dogs and you don’t live in an area where Leptospirosis or other geographically-sensitive conditions are likely, then you could maybe be okay with Rabies and Parvo, but I wouldn’t like to recommend it.

I’m not a veterinarian and so I can’t give you any professional opinion. Personally I prefer to vaccinate my dogs with all the core vaccines, plus any optionals my trusted vet says are necessary, because at this point that’s what I feel is best. BUT the decision is definitely not a clear-cut one and it comes down to personal preference coupled with the right professional advice.

I’m sorry I can’t be more help but I really feel your vet is the best person to answer your questions and that using your knowledge of your own dog/s, the area you live in, and your lifestyle will help you make the decision that is right for you.

I wish you the best of luck with whatever you decide.

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Nov 19, 2011

Sue – can you find more details on this NEW
by: Girish

vaccinations to pet are subject to many debates recently.

whats Vaccinations ?

its nothing other than weak virus of the specific disease which once injected the body of dog develop the anti bodies and become immune to this virus when it attack the body

the yearly vaccinations rather said to be of no effective as body already have immunity

rather some claim it reduce the life of the dog with annual vaccinations

a big subject of debate

but first time Vaccination for all known virus which generally effect a dog is mandatory.

even in humans, we take vaccinations for hepatis , polio, dpt etc. which we ourself dont repeat ever in our life

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