Yay!! We Won…. Corrective Collars Banned at Some Nanaimo Enclosed Off-Leash Dog Parks

by Sue at a-love-of-rottweilers.com

Angle giving mommy a high-five!

Angle giving mommy a high-five!

Angle giving mommy a high-five!

Angel at 22 months

If you’ve read Judy’s first-hand account of how her beloved Rottweiler, Angel, almost lost her life during some play that turned dangerous because of a choke chain collar…. then you’ll know that she has been tirelessly campaigning to make the use of these types of collars illegal in off-leash dog parks in her hometown.

If you haven’t read this submission yet, you can find it here The Dangers Of Chain Collars – My Story

I’m so happy to be able to tell you that Judy (with the help and support of many dog owners and professionals in her community) has been successful in her efforts 🙂

Here it is in Judy’s own words…..

‘My name is Judy and I would love to share some good news with the users of Beban & Northfield Rd enclosed off-leash dog parks, Nanaimo, British Columbia.

As some might remember and others may not be aware,on July 8th 2012 I had a tragic situation at Beban off-leash dog park involving a choke chain collar. It almost cost my girl Angel her life, and that made me speak out on behalf of the dogs and have their voices heard.

In memory of all the dogs that were not as fortunate as her, I asked the Parks and Recreation Culture Committee to address the dangers of corrective collars (choke,martingale and prong) and there use at ENCLOSED off leash dog parks in Nanaimo.

With the support of the community,300+ signatures were collected and submitted along with the expertise of Kathy Reilly of Miss Behavior’s Family Dog Training, Robyn Andexser of Best Paws Forward Dog Training, Bonnie Hussell & Shasta MacTire of Dog n Suds,and Rebecca Preston of Nanaimo K9 Rehab & Training.

With this, the Parks Committee has made a decision and tonight passed a motion to have signage posted stating “ALL CORRECTIVE COLLARS MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE ENTERING” at our enclosed off-leash dog parks..

This is a start and in the future it may get expanded to include ALL off-leash parks however for now we at least have 2 parks to be able to go and not encounter the dangers of these types of collars.

I would like to thanks Joan Havers for diligently collecting signature for the petition and most of all..every person who took the time to sign the petition and help create a safe environment for our furry friend to meet and play and ultimately go home alive..I cannot thank all of you enough for helping make this happen.I would also like to thank Mr. & Mrs. Sims for getting involved and saving Angel’s life that day. Without them intervening I would not have her here with me today.

You guys are our “hero’s” and we will forever be grateful for your act of kindness to care and get involved.Thank-you both so much!

It has been a long 3 months with much stress to have this happen but I can assure you it has been worth every minute.I said I would not shut up until the dogs voices were heard and I believe that has been accomplished.

Thank-you Parks, Recreation and Culture Committee for listening.’

Judy – Congratulations on your success, I couldn’t be happier. I know this will make those off-leash parks a much safer place for all the dogs who enjoy running and playing with their friends!
Thank God that Angel survived her terrifying experience and that you were able to use it in a positive way.

Well done you!

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