Wondering if you can spread the word about a lost Rottie

Wondering if you can spread the word about a lost Rottie

Help Us Find Abby

Absolutely! I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. I can only imagine how awful it must be.

I’m hoping and praying that you will find your Abby safe and well… and soon.


~ Sue

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Aug 26, 2013

second thought NEW
by: Cheryl & Max

I am praying by now that you found your dear friend!!but I had a thought,that if you have been calling your local shelter don’t just take there word if you have the time go check it out atleast every other day for your self alot of times the person that takes those calls isn’t always up to date as to what comes in and also check with rescue group because the shelters notify them when a purebred dog comes in and if no one has inquired in so many days the dog is picked up by them and here in california they will not tell you which rescue took them, that is private info. I has another situation when my boyfriend has a weimaraner/dobie mix that got out,I always collected the old newspapers for the shelter and when the dog went missing I contacted them and had been calling daily and no word,after a month went by I almost gave up and decided well I better get these papers to them and when I walked in I said to the girl,We live in a small town how could you not find a 110 lb weimaraner,she said there is one in the back and he has been here for almost 10 days and is going up for adoption tomorrow, I went back and sure enough it was my dog,still praying for you

Aug 23, 2013

praying for a quick return NEW
by: Cheryl & Max

I personally know that horrible,devasting feeling all to well,the day my rottie and doberman mix disappeared they were in the garage one minute and gone within a minute later,we found the rottie within 5 minutes on the next block on a neighbor’s porch but we told the dobie took off which i could never imagine them ever becoming seperated,we immediatly started knocking on doors,put out 500 fliers,we also told every mail carrier,ice cream vendors,homeless person,I spoke to everyone I came across even waiting in line at the stores,passing out fliers while I was shopping,grocery clerks,every local bar,rest,fast food,you just never know who knows what,I just so happen to mention my story to a produce clerk and what was strange is I never gave out my address but at 2am and 17 days later someone opened my front gate and put my dear Taz back,you may also want to try local radio and TV sometimes they will make anounments free,so will local newspapers,and if you get the penny saver they will print it also.My prayers are with you!

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