will my Rottweiler puppy remember me?

by isa

hey i have a 6 month old male rottie, i love him like no other. he is my everything and ever since i got him at 8 weeks old and he has been by my side. we are inseparable and he is very attached to me and he is very obedient and loyal.
now the bad part…

i have to leave to go to france for 2 month for an emergency reason for my grandmother is very sick. and if you didn’t know, rotties are banned in france and there is no way i can take him with me. my question is will he remember me when i come back, will he love me like he does now, will he listen and be attached to me?

and what’s the best way i should re-introduce myself when i come back. he will be staying in my house with my wife not anyone new and nothing will change regarding his daily routine and he will be very safe and well taken care of. this is very heart breaking to me and i don’t know what to do or how to feel. any advice will be helpful.

Hi Isa
It’s wonderful to hear how close you and your dog are, and it sounds as though you have a fantastic Rottweiler there – one who truly epitomizes the breed!

As you have raised him since he was a younger pup and you both have a strong bond, I wouldn’t worry too much about him forgetting you while you are gone. He will remember your voice and your scent and the way you take care of him and although these memories may fade a little while you are gone, they will come right back once you get home.

You’re both fortunate that he will stay in the home he knows, with someone else who loves him, and that he won’t be stressed or upset by being separated from everyone or everything that is familiar. This will help keep you both close. You may want to give him an old T-shirt or piece of your clothing with your scent on it for him to keep in his bed or crate, this will help him to feel close to you and remember you.

You will both miss each other a lot I know, but the bond will restart when you are reunited and as he’s still a young pup you will have a lot of great times ahead with him and the short separation will seem like the blink of an eye in the future.

Hope this puts your mind at rest. Best of luck to you both.

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Aug 24, 2011

He will remember!!
by: Anonymous

I can speak from personal experience, we kept our sons Rotti while he was deployed for 7 months. He had the same fears as you and we assured him that Jenna would remember. We took her to his homecoming and when he called for her…..she went bolistic!!! She was so excited and bout knocked everyone else down trying to get to him. Your Rotti will not forget you !!!

Aug 05, 2011

by: isa

hey well im in france now, and i tried with airfrance and they told me there is absoulty no way a pure rott will fly with them or enter france, 🙁
i wish i read this before and i really wish he still likes me after 2 months of being away

Aug 05, 2011

France dilemma
by: Anonymous

I think you may have the wrong end of the stick , check out this link :http://www.rott-n-chatter.com/rottweilers/laws/france.html This explains it a lot clearer and that you can take your Rottie to France , we do on regular holidays and have had no trouble entering or leaving the country .

Hope this is of use to you

Aug 04, 2011

won’t forget
by: Julie

I was a news item from the USA recently about people who are fostering dogs for sericemen. They showed a serviceman who had been away overseas from his faithful rottie (I think he had been away for over a year) and the joy of that dog when his owner returned was great to watch, so the short answer to your question is no he won’t forget you. I went to Canada for a month when I owned my first rottie and she stayed home with my flatmates and when I returned she wouldn’t leave my side, our bond was as strong as when I left. So please don’t worry your dog WILL NOT FORGET YOU!!!

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