Why is my well mannered 4yr old Rott becoming aggressive with my 9yr old smaller Dog.


by Danielle

What is the typical behavior for a rott with a pregnant woman around? I have a 4yr old well mannered sweet Rottie that seems to be becoming more aggressive/protective as I get further along in my pregnancy.

She has attacked our smaller, older dog while playing near me. Is this typical or what? Am I spoiling her too much because she also seems to be much more pushy with attention and affection.

Hi Danielle
Dogs are very intuitive and sensitive to human emotions and conditions, and Rotties are naturally very loyal and protective. It’s certainly possible that a combination of these traits is causing your Rottweiler to feel that she needs to protect you more right now.

Although it’s very heartwarming, it could also be dangerous if you allow her to ‘make the rules’ about who is allowed to be near you, receive your attention etc. and I’d recommend that you nip this in the bud now.

If she’s also becoming more demanding of attention, it could also be that she is aware of your very natural focus on yourself and your baby right now and is feeling a bit left out. That’s normal too, and it’s important to make sure that she gets the love and attention she always has. But don’t allow her to DEMAND it, or let her get away with stuff that she hasn’t previously been able to. That will actually unsettle her more rather than make her feel better. To feel secure she needs thing to remain constant and familiar.

Make sure that you decide when she gets attention, and when she doesn’t. When the petting starts and when it stops. Don’t allow her to call the shots! Also be sure to correct her very firmly, but with kindness too, if she snaps at your other dog or tries to ‘protect you’ from anyone or any other pet etc. She is NOT to be allowed to be in charge.

Rotties are highly intelligent and they need a strong leader or they will tend to think they can make the rules better by themselves! I’d recommend reclaiming your ‘alpha’ position in the home (baby or not!) and making sure that everyone knows there place. You’ll benefit from that when the baby comes along.

Hope this helps, best of luck with everything.

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