why does my 3 month old rottie have rough fur?

by saman
(oakville, ontario, canada)

my rottie is 3 months old and has very soft fur, he has one spot of fur on his back that is very rough.

i’ve tried brushing it and even washing him but it stays just as rough.

how do i get that patch of fur as soft as the rest?

Hi Saman
I’m not sure why your pup should have just one patch of rough fur, but it could be just a ‘quirk’ – kind of like a birthmark. If the skin underneath is also different from the rest of his skin, it could be something that he was born with.

However, right now he’s just a baby and it’s possible that the texture of this fur will change as he gets older. Some puppies have thicker fur than others, it depends on the bloodlines, and they usually grow out of this ‘fuzzy’ type of coat.

As long as he’s happy and healthy, I wouldn’t worry about it too much right now and just ‘wait and see’ what happens as he grows. But if the skin seems red or swollen, or irritated, or if the area is scabbed etc. then have your veterinarian take a look to make sure there’s no underlying problem that needs treated.

Sorry I couldn’t help more. Best of luck with your pup.

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