why do dogs pant?

by kim
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jezzy 4 and a half months old

jezzy 4 and a half months old

i have a 4 an a half month old rottie, his name is jezzy, and he pants a lot like all day except when he’s sleeping. he’s an inside dog he’s never outside unless we are going on our daily walks or at the park with the kids.

he constantly has cold water and i even freeze a bowl of water for when it’s really hot outside. and i’m wondering why he does this, is there something wrong with him or something? and is there something else i should be doing for him an also why do dogs pant?

Hi Kim
Dogs generally pant when they’re hot, or if they’re anxious, in pain and so on. If Jessy has been thoroughly checked out by your veterinarian and is healthy, then I wouldn’t worry about this too much.

If he’s an inside only dog and isn’t subjected to the extreme summer temperatures, then chances are he’s simply panting because he’s feeling a bit anxious or unsettled. Puppies need a fair bit of exercise, a familiar routine, and a calm, loving environment. They are very sensitive to the emotional level surrounding them, and a frantically busy, loud, or tense atmosphere will make them anxious.

Try to keep the home atmosphere as calm and ‘laid back’ as you can, and make sure Jezzy has a quiet place of his own (a crate, corner, bed or even a separate room, where he has his favorite toys and can retreat to for a bit of peace and quiet). Give him at least two walks a day and some ‘play time’, plus a couple of short training sessions daily. This will help him use up any excess energy and help to keep him calm and quiet.

As long as he’s healthy and happy, don’t be too concerned about this panting, but if you’re still worried or he seems sick or upset in any way, have your vet check him out as soon as you can.

Best of luck.

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Apr 09, 2014


I have same issue NEW
by: Mrs Muffy

Hi my 2 yr old Rottie Dillinger pants all day while he is awake I give cold water pet him when I stop he pants and he pants when I’m petting him he just had his ck up she said his heart and lungs sound great I was worried as well but he is not in any distress so I’m not as worried

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