When to put Rottie pup on his leash

by Robert Tallman

When Thor my 13 week old rottweiler is out of the kennel or dog pen should he be on a leash at all times.

Except for when i decide to let him run?

Hi Robert
If your pup isn’t on your property then he needs to be leashed, for his own safety. You don’t want him running off into traffic, chasing after other animals, or making a nuisance of himself.

If he’s on your land, or in your yard though, he should be fine to run around.

If he’s had all his puppy vaccinations then you can take him out and about to the park, on walks, to visit friends etc. but do leash him at those times too.

Leash training is something best done early, and also enrolling your pup in a Puppy Class at an obedience school is a good idea. It helps with socialization as well as increasing the bond between you and giving YOU somewhere to get hands-on help if problems arise.

My Leash Training A Puppy page has tips and advice if you need it.

Hope this helps, best of luck with Thor.

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Apr 19, 2012 Micro-Chip NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi I had the same worry about the chips moving. Home Again and Homeward Bound both state that microchips can be injected in any animal of any age. My vet along with 4 other vets, a rescue, and a shelter in our area said 7 weeks was the youngest they would inject a chip.

If the chip does move the sensors used today (2nd or 3rd generation depending on the clinic/shelter) will give a signal strength reading.

All 5 of our Rotties were chipped between 7 weeks and 16 weeks of age. The sensor our vet used (2nd generation) started picking up the chip (inserted near the shoulder blades or a little higher towards the head) when the sensor was held mid-spine, almost by the hocks. As the sensor was moved closer, the tone increased and then the chip number was displayed.

Our vet informed us that muscle and fat tissue starts to “secure” the chip in place within 48 hours of injection. If it did move, we were told it wouldn’t move more than an inch or two from the injection site.

Tags, GPS devices, and collars can be broken or taken off. Tattoos can be altered. A chip can’t fall off accidently or be removed easily in the case of theft. It will give your friend a better chance of getting home if he gets lost.

Apr 19, 2012 research more info.. NEW
by: Judy I was advised that getting a micro chip at a young age may not be wise as when they grow it can move making them useless to get a reading from..I would recommend you research this a bit more and ask for several opinions..We inquired when our girl was going for a spay at 6 months and chose not to have one inserted..As for leashing Thor as long as you are in view of him I would not have him leashed unless you are doing a practise walk.another hint is if you squat down to his level and clap as you call him to you he will learn to come to you quicker..then tell him what a good boy he is..hope this helps..good luck..

Apr 19, 2012 Consider a chip NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi You may also want to consider a Micro-Chip and/or a GPS tracking device which is attached to the dog’s collar.

If the dog is allowed to run freely on the property he may ignore commands to come back. The chip will allow a vet, pound or rescue to locate you if he is found. The GPS unit will allow you to track him in real time using a laptop or Iphone or Android phone.

We have both chips and the GPS units on all of our Rotties. The GPS is accurate to about 10~30 feet. It allowed us to recover our prized male within 15 minutes of him “escaping”.

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