What to buy our new Rottweiler puppy


by natalie

we are purchasing a rottie next week and i want to know EXACTLY what to get for a 10 week old baby,
i dont want to get anything too rough or too soft that will be destroyed or hurt him easily!

also what toys they’d really enjoy and what treats are ok and not ok to give. i heard rawhide is very bad ! but my old puppy would LOVE them!!!

please help! thanks!

Hi Natalie
It’s so exciting when you get to bring a new puppy home and it’s very tempting to rush out and buy a whole lot of stuff! But, puppies really don’t NEED a ton of things, just some basics to start with and then you can add to them as you go along.

The most important things are a crate (see my Puppy Crate Training page to learn how to pick the right size; a stain and odor-remover to clean up potty-training ‘accidents’; bitter apple spray; gentle puppy shampoo; a premium large-breed puppy food (see my Best Puppy Food page for a selection of the best ones on the market); some sturdy chew toys (see my Tough Dog Toys page; a light collar – with ID tag- and leash, and food/water bowls.

Anything else is pretty much optional and can include treats, clothes, dog bed, playpen and all the other wonderful ‘extras’ that will keep you wandering up and down the aisles of the pet store for hours!!

Do remember that Rottweiler puppies grow into big dogs, and they grow amazingly quickly. When you’re choosing items like crates, collars, bowls etc., keep in mind that your little pup will outgrow them fast so now isn’t the time to spend big bucks on fancy, expensive versions. Don’t skimp on quality – you need sturdy, well-made and safe products – but deluxe models may want to wait until your little one is more mature. That way you’ll get more value for money.

As for rawhide, it definitely has inherent dangers, but if you choose the right kind of rawhide and supervise very closely and carefully (removing the toy/flip/bone as soon as it’s soft enough for the pup, or dog, to chew chunks off, or small enough to be swallowed) it is possible to let a pup enjoy it.

It’s actually safer for puppies as you can get a BIG pressed rawhide bone and it will usually take them hours and hours to make a dent in it. Not so with adult dogs, and I don’t recommend letting big or giant dog breeds have rawhide at all once they are adolescent or mature. Smaller breeds are more likely to be able to continue playing with this type of toy, but again CLOSE and constant supervision is needed. You can learn more about rawhide toys and how to be safe on this page Rawhide Dog Chews.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your new puppy.

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Mar 07, 2011 Toys
by: Anonymous My Rottie is 13 months. He destroys everything that’s not made for strong chewers. I bought a ball called the indestructible ball. It cost about $20 canadian but was well worth the money. He’s had it for 6 months and hasn’t put a tooth mark in it and plays with it everyday. We also have a car tire in the back yard that he loves to toss around. We inspect it often to make sure its in good shape. And of course the kong is a great toy. I only give my rottie the rope toys while I’m in the room. He puts them between his back teeth and rubs together therefore cutting the threads.

Jan 29, 2011 Oh Happy Day!
by: Sherry Getting a new pup is so much fun…and work. I agree that it is very easy to go out and spend loads of money on toys, etc. for that new pup, but choosing something that will be there for the long haul is the trick.Food bowl…I personally get a large size food bowl as this pup is going to grow quickly (I have one that is 12 weeks today). The cute small bowls are not going to last long at all before they will need to be overflowing with food just to feed that baby. Toys are something you will have to decide whether you will be monitoring or actually playing with them. Some can be purchased based on your play time with them…I love Frisbees and rope bones for my playtime with them. We even have a little football. Our older Rott that we lost this past summer loved legal size basketballs to play with…my son didn’t like it to much as he was always popping his. He loved to play fetch with them and sticks. He would dance around you with one of them in his mouth just begging you to play with him…of course, there was no resisting if time permitted.

Whatever you choose, just remember when you are playing with them not to jerk the toys…it can pull teeth or hurt them. Lots of Love, attention, and good food and you will have a dog worth everything you put into that little pup. May you have many wonderful years together.

Jan 29, 2011 Toys for puppy
by: Anonymous Hi,
3 things:
First, once I bought my old Giant Schnauzer one of those rawhide bones that looks kind of like particle board – avoid these at all cost – I’ve never seen a dog so sick after he ate it while we were gone.
Second, I used to get my Rottie those meaty big femur bones from the butcher, then I’d take the marrow out so she didn’t get too much fat. I heard that they’re safe because they don’t splinter, but she broke one of her big canine top teeth on it. It doesn’t seem to bother her, but we go to the vet in a couple of weeks and I’m afraid she’s going to need a root canal so it doesn’t get infected – youch!
Third, She does great with Kong toys, especilly loves them with a little peanut butter. There are a few “off” brands that say they’re for strong chewers, but as far as the “rubber” toys go, I’ve never found anything but Kong brand that she can’t chew up easily. Big nylabones are good too.
I agree about the rawhide – great when they’re little, but eventually your guy will be able to eat them like candy, and get an upset (or worse) tummy.

Good luck with your pup, sounds like he’s a lucky guy!

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