What does it mean when my possibly pregnant rottweiler is leaking black blood from her vulva?


by Shelby
(QLD, Australia)

My Rottweiler is 19 months old, she had a litter in mid June as a result of her going into heat and us not really knowing much about bitches. Since then she has gone into heat quite a few times, and i am sure that is not normal. When she last went into heat a month or so ago she mated with our male dog so at first we thought she was pregnant.

But just last week she had this stringy yellowy goop coming out of her vulva, and now she is leaking black blood EVERYWHERE. It’s not like a gushing, its just big splatters everywhere so we thought she could be possibly having a phantom pregnancy.

We don’t want to call a vet in case this is really common because we know they will call us in for a really expensive consultation when there might not be anything wrong. Help?? Is she having a false pregnancy or is something wrong??

Hi Shelby
At this point you really do need to have her examined by your veterinarian as it’s impossible to say what’s going on without a ‘hands-on’ evaluation by a professional.

Most bitches come into season twice a year, roughly every 6 months, some may come in every 4 months, but not more often than that. If she seems to be bleeding on a more frequent basis then something isn’t right.

It sounds to me as though she may have an internal infection of some sort, and black blood is ‘old’ blood and the source of it needs to be investigated. An infection left untreated could lead to blood-poisoning or other serious consequences.

I do understand the concern of getting a big vet bill needlessly, but in my personal opinion at this point it would be negligent NOT to have her examined. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that she’s doing much better soon.

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Dec 17, 2010


Everthing is fine!!!
by: Anonymous As soon as i posted this question i found this website that had a page on canine false pregnancy. Every single one of the symptoms they said she could show, she did. She was nesting, lactating, abdominal distension and the morning after she was leaking the black stuff it stopped and we realised the black stuff looked like the goop that came out with the puppies she had. Now she is mothering this little black cat toy like its a pup which is also a symptom and she is perfectly fine and happy!! She has even gone back to her daily grooming of our male dog. One of the symptoms was that the female could go through ‘Labor’ We are definitely going to get her desexed as our friends who have had dogs for years informed us that she will get sick very easily if she goes through more false pregnancies. Thanks for the help though!!! And we did not mean to allow her to mate, since she was our first female dog we didn’t pay attention to her rear end area.

Dec 16, 2010


by: Julie Rotties shouldn’t really be mated under 24 months as they have not developed properly. Mating them too early can cause uterus an other health problems later on.

Rotties don’t mature until they are at least 24 months old. The breeder should have advised you when you got your pup.

Please don’t put off getting her checked out at the vets a check up now could be less expensive than a larger bill later on if it gets more serious, she maybe carrrying dead pups. Good luck.

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