What do you think of him?

by Nathaniel

This is my Boy Champ i plan on breeding in the future does he look correct to you? his height to me he seems short that’s the only thing i notice.

His head body and just proportionally does he look fine? In my opinion he looks great. Thanks in advance.

In the pictures he is 14 months old. And also when do they stop growing height wise and weight wise?

Hi Nathaniel
It’s extremely difficult to evaluate a dog from photos like this, but from what I can see Champ is a very nice looking pup. He’s still very young though with lots of growing to do.

Rotties are slow to mature and he won’t be fully grown until somewhere between 2 and 3 years of age. Height comes first, then weight. You can check out my Rottweiler Puppy Growth Chart to learn more about this.

You can also read about the breed standard for Rotties here…Rottweiler Breed Standard. Rotties aren’t supposed to be especially tall dogs and Champ doesn’t look short to me.

Of course, as with every breed there are different ‘looks’ and different breeders tend to prefer certain characteristics and breed for those. Each bloodline will produce a certain look and there’s a science to breeding and genetics, but it’s still a very subjective area.

However, it’s not just the way an individual dog LOOKS that’s important when you’re talking about breeding – it’s the genes that he’s carrying. It’s especially important with breeds such as the Rottweiler which already has it’s critics, that only the best specimens are bred and that they are as close as possible to the ‘perfect’ Rottweiler.

Impeccable pedigree with both conformation and working championships in both parents and grandparents generations (and beyond) is vital. A couple of ‘Champions’ 3 or 4 generations back is NOT enough. Complete health screening for genetic issues such as hip and elbow dysplasia, eye problems etc. is a must. Only dogs who have an OFA ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ should be bred.

On top of that temperament needs to be totally sound, no fear, no aggression.. the total Rottweiler package. All of this applies to both potential parent dogs.

There are many, many Rottweilers in the world, and the only real reason to produce more is to improve the breed as a whole. Poorly bred dogs with less than perfect health or temperament only increases the problems within the breed, and their reputation.

Best of luck with your pup.

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Jul 27, 2011


by: Judy (Angel)

Well Champ sure looks like he’s growing into a hansome fella.For future pics may I suggest keeping your camera at his level(shoulder) and you will get more accurate pic.Although we ALL think we have the most beautiful rotti they are all georgeous!! I love the rotti breed however I would have to agree with Sue that only the near perfect should be bred.This is my 3rd female rotti and I am proud to say we have never had a litter.They are the cutest puppies but I would have a hard time finding good homes to love them the way I do..There are so many rotties out there abandoned once owners realize they are difficult to raise if you don’t understand the breed.I don’t want to judge BUT from your questions I am assuming you are fairly new to this breed.Please re-evaluate WHY you want to breed and I hope you decide to be a part of the solution and possibly change your decision. I don’t mean to come across as opinionated and ultimately it’s your choice however look at the big picture.I wish you well in whatever your choice will be and I’m sure you will have many happy years ahead of you with Champ. 🙂

Jul 26, 2011


Your Dog!
by: Lynne Keeler

Hi, Champ looks fine. He’s very handsome. My Vet told me that it can take up to 5 years for Rotties to gain full growth. If you are concerned, talk to your Vet. He’s still a baby at 14 months. i wish you well in breeding him.

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