What can I do for my dogs hip dysplasia?

by annette
(st louis mo)

I’ve known that she has had it for a while I just didn’t know what to do.

I came home yesterday and she can not even stand on her back right leg she is limping, she can’t go up the stairs we have to carry her.

I’ve been reading that there are medications that will help do you have any suggestions on how to make her more comfortable….

Hi Annette
I’d suggest that you read my pages on hip dysplasia….

Hip Dysplasia In Dogs

Canine Hip Dysplasia

They have lots of advice and information on this condition. However, it sounds as though your dog is suffering fairly severely and is probably in a fair amount of pain. I’d strongly recommend that you have her examined by your veterinarian so that you know exactly what is going on and he will be the best person to advise you as to what treatment options are best.

Every dog is different, and what works for one dog may not work for another. This is a degenerative condition and without intervention will only get worse, so please get her to a vet asap.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that she’s doing much better soon.

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Jan 20, 2011


Hip Dysplacia
by: Anonymous

Hi, my rottie developed hip dyspacia at just 6 months old, we took him straight the vet s soon as he began to whimper with the pain, they were really really good and operated on the hip. We were told that although this would reduce he pain he would not be like a normal puupy as would always have problems. HOW WRONG WERE THEY! he is absolutely brilliant the operation gave him a chance to be a puppy again he is now 18 months and is making up for the puppy months he missed! we also give him vitamin type tablets that we get from the pet shop they do him really good i would really recommend it! The tablets are called VETSYME HIGH STRENGTH FELXIBLE JOINT and they contain glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and omega 3! hope this helps x

Oct 17, 2010


use a vet who works for a charity
by: Anonymous

i really feel for you and your dog seek out a a good charity who can help here is my story it was about 2 years ago
sorry to say my big rotti bruno aged 6 years was poorly
also i had just been told that i could not work any more due to an aggresive disease and i could not afford to pay those crazy vet fees i had to stop paying insurance for bruno as the cost was then not affordable at the time
the vet i had used for years ( who was only to pleased to take my money when i was working )would not even talk on the phone to me
i contacted the those guys who do all those adverts sending a wonderful caring image and was horrified to be told they would not help i was out of the catchment area
hey wait a momment all those addverts on tv radio and other media sources sending out all those glossy adverts what an eye opener as in the past i had donated to those charities
after a heart breaking day i finally found some one who could help it was THE CELIA HAMMOND CHARITY
i took bruno to see there vet what a major change in my life and brunos
i was quoted ??350.00 – ??500.00 an x-ray by my regular vet also my regular asked that big question is bruno insured you could almost see the cash register ring up on his face
but at celia hammonds vet surgery it was people that cared and they had an empathy with the pet owners and the x-rays was a fraction of the cost as was the final bill
what i am saying is that its about time to support those guys like cellia hammond if your dog is insured let the likes of her charities be paid from the insurance people
this would have a positive result
if you were unable to afford those crazy vet bills these and other guys want to honestly help
if you have pet insurance use a charity such as celia hammonds let them benefit for once
although i no longer work i have my dog insured i looked around for a company that was sensible in it prices and yes you got it oh so right if my dog needs a vet you know were i would take it

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