What are the good signs of a good Rottweiler Puppy?

by REY

What are the good signs that shows a good rottweiler puppy ?

Hi Rey
This is a complicated question, because there are lots of things that you need to look for when choosing a Rottweiler puppy, or a pup of any breed.

First of all, you need to look carefully at the puppys’ parents, make sure they are healthy, have stable temperaments (ie not aggressive, fearful etc.), and that they ‘look’ right (see my Rottweiler Breed Standard page to find out how a well-bred Rottie should look, and act.

The parents should have had appropriate health screenings such as OFA (hips), cardiac and CERF (eye) certifications, (or something equivalent). That way you know your new pup has the best chance of avoiding hereditary/genetic problems such as hip dysplasia.

All puppies are adorable, and it’s important to know what you’re looking for in terms of ‘type’, size, temperament, even sex, before you go to see a little. Otherwise you could come home with the first pup you see and it may not fit with your original desires. Not a great start to a life-long relationship.

Make sure the pup doesn’t have any discharge from his eyes or nose, the ears look clean, eyes are bright, coat should be clean and not dry or rough. No coughing, no diarrhea (check rear end and make sure it’s clean). Also a healthy puppy looks a little ‘chubby’ – Rottie pups look quite ‘square’ and like little bear cubs.

I’d generally recommend picking a pup that is ‘middle of the road’ in terms of temperament, not the shyest one and not the most outgoing or ‘alpha’. An outgoing and very ‘forward’ pup may be too much for a first-time Rottweiler owner to handle when he/she grows into adolescence and beyond. A too-timid or shy pup may need extra attention and experience to prevent it becoming a fearful adult. A pup that is friendly, but not too pushy is usually a good choice for a first-time owner.

Lastly, make sure the pup has been de-wormed and had at least one set of vaccinations before you bring him/her home. That gives at least a little protection against disease. Then have your pup examined by your own vet within 24 – 48 hours (the sooner the better) after picking him up. This will make sure he’s healthy, and rule out any underlying (but invisible) health problems.

You may also want to check out my Rottweiler Puppy page for more tips and advice on choosing and caring for your pup.

I hope this helps, and I wish you lots of luck with your new pup.

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Apr 28, 2016


doubt abt my pups breed NEW
by: Anonymous

My pup is 3 months old he has a small head he doesn’t look lyk a rottweiler I doubt abt his breed , he has no punches in his head too please answer this

Jan 07, 2012


breed NEW
by: Anonymous

you should tell us how we can find out wether the pup is pure….many pups look pure but turn out to b mixed or somtimes even dug

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