Weak pasterns in Rottweiler pup

by Orla

Hi there, I just took in an abandoned five month old male rottweiler and he has what I think are weak pasterns/loose ligaments. Both front paws bend forward at the carpal joint. Any advice on anything I can do for him?

I’ve put him onto a good large breed puppy food since his arrival and have been giving him glucosamine tablets. Will be getting vitamin c for him in the next day or so as well. Is there much else I can do? I have him confined at the moment as I’m not sure if he should be allowed walk around or not. Any advice is greatly appreciated, thank you

There is a pic attached of when he was found three weeks ago

Hi Orla
This is definitely a situation that I’d discuss with your veterinarian. Those pasterns look pretty bad and I personally haven’t ever had a dog with that degree of weakness.

As he’s only 5 months old I think there is still time for supplementation and diet to help improve things, but how far I’m not sure.

As well as discussing this with your vet, I’d recommend taking a look at this website… greatdanelady.com as Linda Arndt has tons of really excellent advice about nutrition and health care for large breeds. You can find dietary recommendations in terms of both food and supplements that help with joint/ligament problems, the Articles page would be the best place to start as it lists all the topics covered. Check out the link to the article on ‘knuckling and bowing puppy legs’ to start with.

As for how much walking etc. your pup can do – I’m not a vet so I can’t give you any real information but personally I would imagine moderate walking is okay, but no running, jumping or excessive walks. Again I’d strongly recommend talking it all over with your vet to get a professional opinion.

This poor pup needs a loving family to help him and I’m so happy that he’s been adopted into yours, hopefully he’ll be able to improve somewhat with his pasterns and will have a happy life regardless. Best of luck with him.

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Jun 03, 2017

the weak patterned puppy NEW
by: Addict

I am really interested in how your rott puppy posted with extreme weak pastern turned out after treatment.

Apr 06, 2016

Neurological? NEW
by: Yvonne

Was also wondering how it turned out…. My 6 month old lil boy Blitz has had this going on for over a month. The vet thought it was “Growing pains/Pano”. Finally I got sick of seeing my boy knuckling, having a hard time with everything as far as movement. Sent video’s of him to my vet. Now she’s thinking it could be neurological {brain/spine} I take him in 1st thing in the am for a full neuro exam. Hope all turns out well considering I got 2 after the passing of our Harley boy last Sept. Blitz’s brother Gunner would be devasted as well.

Jun 21, 2012

Hey!! NEW
by: sand

Hows your adopted boy doing now…its been quite some time that u have posted so wanted to know hows the brave boy fairing!!

Feb 08, 2012

thank-you.. NEW
by: Judy

Bless your heart for taking him in. I hope things get better for him and with your love I’m sure it will..maybe not perfect but certainly better..please keep us posted..

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