want to get rid of my Rottie due to moving in with my partner

hi my rottie is 8 years old and my girlfriend is pregnant i am wanting to get rid of my male rottie as i am wanting to move in with her. she already has a 5 year old male staffy which isn’t good with other males so it isn’t possible to put the two together.

is there anywhere i can take him to be rehomed or is his age against him? i do not want to put him down as he is such a nice dog have you any ideas what i could do with him i live in wakefield i am also in the u.k

thanx peter

Hi Peter
It’s heartbreaking for a dog when this type of situation occurs, because they lose the only family they’ve ever known. Rottweilers and other guardian breeds are more difficult to rehome because of all the negative publicity that surrounds them.

Also a dog who is not okay with other dogs of the same sex, or is especially dominant around other dogs can be a challenge.

I’m not familiar with the rescue options in the UK, but I would imagine there are many organizations that can help. I’d suggest checking on Rottweiler breed rescue groups in your area and see if anyone can help.

It is possible to rehome an older dog yourself if you’re prepared to put the time and effort into finding the right home. Unfortunately there are people who want Rottweilers and Pitbulls and other similar breeds for the wrong reasons and who aren’t responsible owners so you will need to weed these out.

You obviously love your dog and so will want what is best for him, so please take as much time as it needs to find the right option for him. It would be totally unfair to have to put him to sleep, or abandon him to a less-than-ideal home just to suit your new living arrangements.

If the other male dog wasn’t a Staffy, or was female instead, then chances are you could have made this work with time and effort. But especially with a new baby coming into the picture I think the decision to find a new home for him is the most logical, but it needs to be done with love and care.

Rottweilers are very loyal and tend to bond closely with their owners, so it will be hard for him but if it’s a loving and suitable home then he will adjust given time.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that your dog is happy in his new home.

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Sep 10, 2011

The real problem
by: Anonymous

Seems to me that the dog with the problem (the Staffie) should be the one rehomed…

Aug 26, 2011

by: Anonymous

Get rid of the partner not the Rottie he never did anything to you or them.

Aug 11, 2011

im in the us
by: Vince

If I was in the UK id take him in a second!

Aug 11, 2011

Want to get rid of my Rottie due to moving in with my partner.
by: Anonymous


I fully agree with you. People should think through these things before they bring a dog home and if they can’t then they should arrange their lives to suit the dog. It is just very unfair and cruel to even think of getting rid of a companion of 8 years just cause your own priorities have changed. The companion did not ask you to bring him home or to get yourself entangled in a situation where you have to get rid of him.



Aug 10, 2011

Rottie rescue
by: Anonymous

Try this link mate , they are pretty good , or they can give you some helpful info .


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