toilet problem with adopted dog

I have a belgian malinois that i didn’t own since he was a puppy, since i adopted him he refuses to do any kind of toilet at home he waits until i take him on the daily walk to do it outside.

What do i have to do to encourage him to do it at home on the specified area containing newspapers where my other dogs do their toilet? by the way sometimes he pees on the papers for marking purposes on the females urine.

This problem is irritating me because some days i got work and i don’t have time to take him on walks and he holds it as usual. i know it’s somehow strange problem but can you help me?

Dogs are creatures of habit and they learn through repetition and association. As you didn’t raise this dog from puppyhood, he’s simply doing what he learned was expected of him when he was learning all about housebreaking. Once a behavior has become a habit, it’s pretty much ‘hard-wired’ into the dogs’ brain and becomes an instinctive behavior… one that he doesn’t really control.

I know that this must be a bit frustrating if you have an area where he could go, but won’t, but it could be a lot worse. Many dogs aren’t housetrained properly when puppies and end up having no idea about the appropriate places to ‘go’… resulting in them messing indoors on a regular basis! At least your Shepherd knows to ‘hold it’ and go outdoors, definitely a plus I think.

I’d suggest that when you ‘scoop’ his poop when out on your walk, that you bring it home and put it in your own yard at the place you want him to use for elimination. Smelling his own scent should help him to associate this area with elimination. As he ‘marks’ there occasionally this will also help.

Getting a dog to re-learn a behavior is much more time-consuming than teaching them a behavior in the first place – because they basically have to UN-learn something and then learn the replacement. You’ll need to be very patient with your dog and simply keep encouraging him to ‘go’ in the preferred outdoor spot. However remember that he’s already doing what he thinks you want, so never scold him for NOT going in the yard.

This may well take some time to get sorted out, but with patience and consistency he should ‘get it’ in time. Best of luck.

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