Tiny White spot on the outside of the vulva


by Sue

Hi my 17 month old spayed Rotti has a little white pimply looking thing on the outside of her vulva.

Looks just like a little spot we get it isn’t discharging at all.

Does anyone know what this is please?

Sometimes dogs or puppies can get a mild staph infection on the skin or their bellies, and around the genital area or inner thighs. This is usually seen as a rash of tiny white pimples, with a slightly reddened area around each one.

It most often happens if a dog has been lying on damp ground, or a non-absorbent surface while they’re hot, or if a litter of pups is kept in a whelping area that isn’t kept clean and dry.

It’s generally not anything to worry about, but if there are a lot of pimples, or they don’t heal up by themselves then antibiotics may be needed. For just one pimple I’d suggest making sure the area is kept clean and dry, maybe even a light dusting of medicated talc, and give it a chance to heal up and disappear.

However, if it doesn’t, or she develops more pimples, or it looks as though it’s becoming infected (reddened, hot, pus appears etc.), then have your vet take a look to make sure she doesn’t need treatment.

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