Time in the Kennel – How Long Is OK For Puppy

by Robert

I have recently gotten a new Rottweiler puppy . But i work shift work and sometimes he will have to spend some time in the kennel at home.

When i work days and my wife works day , he would be there in his kennel at least 8 hours. I know this is not good for him but what can i do .

Please any tips would be greatly appreciated. Robert – Owner of Thor.

Hi Robert
Young puppies can’t ‘hold it’ for 8 hours, their bladder and bowel control simply isn’t mature enough. Occasionally you’ll find a pup who can do this, some of the time, but it’s rare.

If you and your wife both have to be at work while your pup is young, the best thing to do would be for one of you to come home at lunchtime to let him outside to eliminate and to play for 15 minutes or so. If you can’t do this yourselves, then a friend/neighbor or relative could perhaps fill in, or get a petsitter to do it for you.

This is something you only need to do for 4 – 6 weeks or so until he’s got better control.

If this isn’t possible, then the next best thing would be to set up a puppy play-pen or exercise pen with his crate at one end and a doggie litter box at the other, and some safe, sturdy chew toys. This isn’t ideal in terms of helping his potty training, but leaving a young pup crated for 8 hours really isn’t an option.

However you set it up, this is a long time to leave a puppy without attention or your presence so do make sure you ‘make up for it’ by spending lots of one-on-one time with your puppy in the evenings and at weekends so that he gets enough exercise, training, socialization and loving!

Hope this helps, I wish you lots of luck with your new puppy.

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