they love to chew!

by jens
(talisay city,cebu,philippenes “yin -yang”)

i’m with a pair of 8 month old females they love to chew!

they love coconuts, abundant here and free, would you have a tip for an alternative?

the kong toy i can not find here, are rawhide chews ok?

Hi Jens
Finding toys that these power chewers can’t destroy is definitely a challenge even in locations where dog toys are plentiful… I’m sure it must be doubly so in other places!

Rawhides are ‘okay’, especially for smaller puppies but only if you supervise the pups with them at all times. Also, I’d only ever use pressed rawhide, and the extra-large sizes, that way your pups can’t rip off large pieces so easily. If the rawhide does become soggy or soft, and they start to tear pieces off you need to remove the whole thing and give them a new one.

‘Bully Sticks’ are another good alternative, these are actually edible which is both a plus and a minus. It’s good because they’re safe to be chewed up, but not so great because they don’t last too long. And giving them too often can cause tummy upsets.

Natural bones would probably be the best option for you, cow-hocks and other large bones that can’t be splintered work best and are by far the safest. To avoid upset tummies (again), you can clean the bone of as much meat as possible, but if your puppies are used to eating raw meat then they would be fine. These types of bones have an almost endless play value.

Other natural chew toys include pig ears (although like the bully sticks these are edible) and animal hooves.

You can also buy natural and sterilized bones from online stores if you can have them delivered to your location – I’m not sure exactly how that works though.

I’d recommend checking out this website as it has lots of bully sticks, bones and other chews. I’ve no idea whether you could actually purchase from them from where you live, but it will give you an idea of the type of things I mean…

Dog treats from Best Bully Sticks

A last thought would be that most dogs LOVE rope toys, and these have the added advantage of keeping their teeth clean due to the abrasiveness of the rope. If you can get some very heavy-duty rope and tie a big, tight knot in it, I would imagine it could make a great chew toy.

I hope this helps in some way and wish you the very best of luck with your Rottweiler pups, they’re beauties!

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Jan 30, 2012

Chewers NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi

My Rotties loves the rope toys but ingests the rope strands. A day or so later when he goes #2 he’s got a piece of rope hanging out of his backside. So embarassing! LOL

This page /tough-dog-toys.html has a great selection of toys you can buy on-line and have shipped to you. My guy is a heavy chewer so the Kong products are out. He destroyed a Kong Extreme in less than a day!

My male just loves a small stainless steel food bowl of all things. He’ll carry it around as if to say “Will bark for kibble!” He’ll chew on it, dent it, jump on it, bark at it, and push it around the yard with his nose and feet. He also enjoys a 9 pound bowling ball. Yes, an honest to goodness bowling ball. But we can’t let him have it in the house becasue we found out the ball can do serious dmage to doors, walls and ancles!

Jan 29, 2012

tough toys NEW
by: Captain Nancy

Rope toys work out great and you can make your own with knots in them and loops for pulling. I had an old life jacket for my boat and that turned out to be the toughest toy they have. I tied an old t-shirt in a knot and they play tug or war with it and its holding up. Hard plastic ball, but large one, he can’t get a hold of.

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