The Honest Kitchen Dog Food for Rottweiler

by himanshu Mehta
(New Delhi, India)

Am thinking of feeding our 11 month old rottweiler female Thrive and Embark from The Honest Kitchen.

She is 11 months old and weighs about 40-42 kilograms. Any idea how many days a 10 LBS pack of each would last? A 10 LBS pack is supposed to provide 43 LBS of food.

She has been getting a Glucosamine supplement daily. We stopped Calcium and Fish oil supplements a while ago. Were we right to do so? What supplements can we feed her?



Hi Himanshu
I took a look at the Honest Kitchen foods you mention, and my only comment would be that unless your dog has food allergies, sensitivities or specific health conditions, a grain-free food isn’t really necessary. Of the two formulas I would say that the ‘Thrive’ option would be the best – this is just my personal opinion of course!

I’d recommend that you use the Dog Calorie Calculator on my Feeding Puppies page to calculate how what your dog needs in terms of nutrition, and then merge that with the recommendations given by the manufacturer of this particular food (usually guidelines are on the bags). You know your dog best though, so follow your own instincts as well. 41kgs is about 90lbs, so at 11 months of age your pup is perfectly sized and right in the middle of ‘average’, so you’re doing fine so far.

As for supplements, you were definitely right to stop calcium supplements, they are a bad idea for large breeds like Rotties as too much calcium can lead to significant bone/joint problems. The Glucosamine is fine in my opinion, as is the Fish Oil as it is beneficial for skin and coat.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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Nov 03, 2010


The Honest Kitchen
by: Anonymous

Hi Anjan,

Friends bring it in when they go abroad. Also got it once through



Nov 02, 2010


Where did you find The Honest Kitchen dog food
by: Anonymous

Where did you find The Honest Kitchen dog food in delhi? I am looking for a store which sells it in delhi.. Thrive is definitely good.

I also care much for my dog and looking for THK. Would appreciate if you can mail me the details @


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