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My rottie just turned 9 months and i take him for a walk at the park and bike trails, but there are some dogs who are not on leashes who approach him.

There’s this one dog who i wanna say is a bully dog and always approaches my dog, but he stops and he barks and growls at my dog, but my dog stands tall and doesn’t look at him. But what i wanna know is the other dog trying to test my dog to see what he does? Does how he acts mean my dog is about to stand his ground with this bully and if anything ever happens will my dog stand his ground? Is he standing his ground by the way he stands tall?

He’s not scared of other dogs but what i wanna know is if he’s communicating in some way with the bully dog, or what does it mean in other words i wanna know what to expect for a dog his age.

At 9 months old your Rottweiler is still a puppy, but he’s an adolescent rather than a baby. He’s just beginning to feel his ‘guardian’ instincts and for his age he’s showing good control and appropriate behavior.

It’s important to always keep your dog leashed when out in public, but it’s natural for a dog who is on a leash to feel defensive if approached by an unleashed dog. The fact that he stands up tall means he is preparing to defend himself (and you) if necessary, but the fact that he doesn’t make eye contact with the other dog means that he’s trying not to challenge him or escalate the situation. A mature response.

Rottweilers are natural guardians, but they aren’t (or shouldn’t be) indiscriminately aggressive and don’t generally start a conflict, or respond unless they feel it’s absolutely necessary.

I’d recommend that you take a look at my Rottweiler Temperament and Rottweiler Behavior pages as they have lots of information that I think you’ll find interesting and helpful.

Don’t ever encourage your dog to act aggressively, or defensively, that will confuse him and make him unpredictable. Don’t doubt that he would defend himself, or his home/family, if necessary, but don’t transfer any feelings of anxiety or combativeness to him either. If anything an adolescent dog is more inclined to over-react than under-react, and your pup is showing solid temperament and the right behavior. Be proud of him.

Best of luck.

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Jan 11, 2015


my male 4 year old rottie NEW
by: danielle

hi I have a male rottie aged 4 almost 5 hes always been very territorial I bought him when he was 6 month old loving dog with me and my 4 small kids but as time went on hes becoming aggressive towards every one who enters my home outside its becoming scarey he has growled at me a few times and am worried incase he hurts some one is there any reason why he may have changed? hes been socialized well and is great with my other dog and small dogs but hes also killed my nxt door neibours cat which was heart breaking hes so sweet with us but is becoming unpredictable any reasons why hes becoming this way thanks

Jun 14, 2014


Confused NEW
by: Ashley

Hi I have a two year old rott who is a male and not fixed. I’m confused on what I should do as an owner in regards to his aggression. He is an inside dog and is very gental towards me and my family and any guest in my house but when we board him at the local vet he is very aggressive and growls and will not let anyone touch him. He has only ever growled at me once in his whole life. My issue is that I have a small child and I need to make sure that his aggression is not sonething he does at home. So my question is how do I alter a behavior that I don’t see? What could be causing him to be so aggressive outside of his home? And should I have reason to worry about my child?

( ps it has happened at two vet clinics not just one, so I know it isn’t the caregivers)

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