Taking my rottie for a walk

by Joshua
(Trichy , India)

Thanks for all your answers.Its been a long time with a question . And now the problem is i have 2 rottie(a pair) and 1 doberman female, i prefer to walk my doggie’s late at night. i couldn’t handle 3 in leashes because they are not properly trained for walking, so i take them one by one .

when i take any one doggie out the other two starts to bark like hell, so i have tried to take two rotties at a time by i’ve ended up in falling down only. so what can i do the barking really disturbs others while they are sleeping. And they all are more than year old so them barking is loud enough to wake up the whole block.

so help me out in this situation.

Hi Joshua
This is a tricky one for sure. First of all I’d have to recommend that you work with their leash-training regularly so that they won’t be so difficult to manage. My Leash Training A Puppy page has lots of tips and advice to help you with that.

The barking problem is difficult, and I’m honestly not sure what you could do to help the situation. I have a couple of suggestions/ideas but whether or not they will work I’m not sure.

1. Get a couple of Kong toys, and fill them with peanut butter and put them in the freezer. Then when you go out with one dog, give the others a Kong each to keep them busy. Or get a couple of special toys/bones to use too, you can rotate between the toys/bones/kongs on a daily basis so they don’t get bored. It may not work for long, but it could help.

2. If you have crates, crate the dogs with their toys before you leave and put the crates in a room with the door closed to muffle the sound of their barking.

3. A no-bark collar may be an option for them, but I’d choose the kind with the citronella spray rather than the tone or pulse in this situation. They’re not my favorite idea, but if it’s really causing a disturbance and you can’t do this any other way, then it may be worth a try.

4. The only other thing I can think of is to walk your dogs earlier, even if it’s not as convenient for you. If you do this while working on the leash training, then eventually you should be able to walk at least two of them together later on if necessary.

If anyone else has any good ideas for Joshua, or has had a similar problem, please feel free to share by using the ‘comments’ feature below. Thanks

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Feb 24, 2011


toys can be used for so much mor then play..
by: charlotte

I only have one rottie but I have found that a tough toy filled with his fav treats works wonders!! He has some seperation issues and the toy seeme to keep is mind off the fact that Im leaving at least long enough for me to get out the door.. If I were you I would start there. And if that does not work I would try seperating the dogs before you start the walks..(crates if you have them)I am completely against bark collars so personally I would stay away from that.. You have to try a few things before you find what works best for you and your dogs… Best of luck to you and yours..

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