tail cropping

by mandy
(dublin ireland)

our new baby zeus

our new baby zeus

Hi, why are rottweilers tails cropped, as we have a ten week old pup and it’s not done, do we need to have it done for any reason?

Hi Mandy
Zeus is adorable – a real little man!

If the tail is going to be cropped it’s usually done at around 3 days old, it’s not something you want to do later on.

Although tail-cropping has been part of the breed standard for quite some time, in Germany it’s now no longer required and hopefully that practice will extend across the globe.

There is no physical reason to crop your pups’ tail and although it is still required here in the US, in the UK the Kennel Club breed standard permits docked or undocked tails.

Zeus is just perfect the way he is :o)

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Nov 19, 2010


by: Anonymous

well why are they cropped? lol i have a big 1 and a half rottweiler named jake and he is really sweet, im doing my scince fair with him.. i love him with all my heart

Apr 11, 2010


by: jodie

in germany rottys had 2 hve there tail choped of because the hearded cattle but now they dont do it. you can if you want in the first 2 weeks but if not leave the tail on.

nice pup by the way

Mar 23, 2010


by: Anonymous

I totally agree. Perfect!

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