by Himanshu Mehta
(Ghaziabad, India)

This is what I have read on Rottweiler Health Foundation:

Early Spay/Neuter Linked to Osteosarcoma

Research has linked early neutering and spaying before first cycle to significant increases in the risk of osteosarcoma in Rottweilers.

“The researchers found that 14.8% of the Rottweilers studied developed appendicular bone cancer. The relative risk was 1.65 castrated males, 1.34 in spayed females and 1.03 in intact females. The risk of developing bone cancer was significantly higher in animals that were neutered at less than 1 year of age compared with intact animals.

Dr. B. C. Beranek, Purdue University”

Hi Himanshu
That is interesting information. I did try to find the relevant documentation on the RHF website but wasn’t able to. If you could let me have the url of the page where this is discussed I’d appreciate it as I’d like to read up on this more.

There are many benefits of spaying or neutering your dog in terms of a reduction in reproductive order diseases and conditions including uterine infections, mammary tumors, prostate problems, testicular cancer and more. Of course, if there is an increased risk of other diseases, such as osteosarcoma, then that would obviously need to be weighed against the benefits and it’s something you’d definitely want to consult your veterinarian about.

Thanks for the information, I’m sure many Rottie owners will appreciate it.

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Jan 04, 2011


by: Himanshu Mehta

Dear Sue,

Sorry for the delay in replying to you. Here is the link:

Our vet had recommended that we spay her only after first heat and that too if we must. He says there are now medicines that can delay/postpone/cancel heat and thus take care of the accompanying mess. We are not convinced it is without side-effects. Spaying also frightens us as it is a surgery after all.

We took her to a show last week and she won something called ‘reserve’. There were no females who came close to her in sheer beauty and not too many males either. we are told she doesn’t do any better cause of the owners being inept at handling 🙂

She has been passing gas of late. We are feeding her only WDG recommended brands (also endorsed by you). What could be wrong? we recently raised her kibble ration from 500 grams to 650 grams as recommended by the feeding guidelines on the kibble bag. She also gets yoghurt, boiled eggs, seasonal green vegetables, carrots and nearly all supplements from the Solid Gold line. Her food brand and/or ingredient formula gets changed every month or so.

Chippy will be 18 months in February. Can you tell me how much exercise we should be giving her now? She is extremely reluctant to go for walks. Absolute terror though inside the house! She gets taken out for a kilometre trot in the morning and another 2 kilometres or so in the evening. The trainer also trains her for an hour. Also gets taken out couple of times more to do her business and get some fresh sir.



Dec 28, 2010


Would like more info.
by: Peter

I would really like to know more as well. Our Rotti is now 6 months old and we are about to have him de-sexed but after reading this I am wondering if maybe we should wait for a bit longer before doing it.
If the evidence is there to show that it is better to wait, then I would not think twice about putting it off for a while.

Dec 17, 2010


by: Anonymous

Please let me have your email id. I found some more links.

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