sometimes after play my rottie drinks so much water so fast he gets sick??

by Charlotte

Zues 2 year old pretty boy

Zues 2 year old pretty boy

Zues 2 year old pretty boy

he is a pampered puppy!!!!!

sleeping puppy

We love to play with Zues in the evening, a lot of nights he is the entertainment for my family… After playing hard he will drink water very fast and A LOT of it…( His water bowl hold 3 gallons I fill it every 2 days) To the point that he then vomits.

I don’t know what to do to stop this…. we have tried to limit his water, but i am concerned because I know how much water he can drink in a given day. I also question if the heat in my home may be to warm for him and adding to this problem. He often lays on my tile floor the coolest spots in the house.

Could you please give me some insight as to the best environment for a rottie as far as temperature? As I am really questioning if bring Zues in the house was the best thing for him.I tend to keep my house warm, and I’m not sure he can handle the dry heat.

I want the best for him just not sure that what i’m doing is the best….

Hi Charlotte
Zues is such a handsome boy, and he looks like such a cuddler 🙂

Although it is warm in your home, it is much better for Zeus to be indoors with you than outdoors all the time. If you have a safely fenced yard, or a dog run, then it would be fine for him to spend some time outside as long as it’s not extremely hot or extremely cold. But spending most of his time indoors with his family is best for him overall.

Most dogs will like to lay on a cold floor if it’s warm indoors, and running a ceiling fan, or small electric fan, if you think it’s really hot inside would help. I’m guessing once the cold weather is over that your house will be cooler, and in the summer the A/C will make it more comfy for him. Rotties don’t like it too hot, but I doubt your home could be hot enough to really cause him problems.

As for the water, I’d recommend that you let him drink about 30 minutes BEFORE the play sessions, and then let him settle down and cool down a bit afterwards before allowing him to start drinking.

Drinking too much too quickly, especially immediately before or after exercise, can be a contributing factor in Canine Bloat, so try to prevent him from guzzling a lot of water at this speed. Once he’s calmed down from his play, he will drink more slowly.

Hope this helps 🙂

NOTE: There’s a special dog bed that you might want to check out, it’s a water-filled pad that helps to keep the dog cool, and although it’s not very pretty to look at, it might be something Zues would like to try. You can find it here… Canine Cooler Dog Bed.

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