small rottweiler – is there such a thing as a ‘miniature rottweiler’?

by Arthur

Walking my dog the other day i met a woman with a smaller than usual rottie bitch, she got it from rottweiler rescue UK who told her it was a miniature rottweiler.

It looked a perfect specimen just small,I have never come across one before do they really exist or has she been conned?


Hi Arthur
Personally I’ve never heard of ‘miniature rottweilers’! Of course, although this is a large breed, depending on bloodlines, health, diet etc. there can be a HUGE difference between Rottweilers even when they’re of the same age/sex.

If this dog you saw was MUCH smaller than average then I would guess that it was a cross-bred dog rather than a purebred. But it’s possible that it was a Rottie who was the ‘runt’ of a litter and/or had a very poor start in life and so never had a chance to reach her full potential.

Unless the dog had pedigree papers to prove it was a purebred I would tend to gravitate towards the mixed-breed theory, but there’s absolutely no way to be sure….

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Apr 02, 2017

50 pound 4 year old rottie NEW
by: Louise

I adopted my rottweiler from a rescue foundation that received strays from Puerto Rico. Conditions there for unwanted dogs are horrendous. She has some signs of PTSD but for the most part is a wonderful, sweet companion. Everything about her is rottweiler…appearance,sensitivity, intelligence, and yes…occasional stubborn behavior. Surprisingly she weighs in at only 50 lbs., and is not underweight for her height and frame. After doing extensive research I found that her small stature may have been the result of her being bred continuously at a very young age, therefore stunting her growth by diverting her limited nutritional intake to her growing puppies. Whatever the reason, I love her madly, and have appropriately named her “MINNIE”.

Mar 24, 2017

Miniature rottweiler NEW
by: Anonymous

To each their own Christina.

Jan 08, 2017

Rottweiler Owner NEW
by: JB

My female Rott is 8 months and she is only 50 pounds. I have papers on her so she is full rott. Mabe she was the runt of the letter. She will probably be 65 pounds. This would be a miniture Rott.

Dec 30, 2016

My Rottie is a Shetland Rottie too NEW
by: Anonymous

My Bella was the runt of 10 pups. She was 1/2 their size then, and 3 years later she’s still 1/2 their size at 69LBS vs. 125LBS & 115LB for 2 of her big brothers. We let her go though 3 heat seasons before spaying her and she’s fed as much top shelf food as she wants, but this is a big as she’ll grow. She is in perfect shape & proportion & gets glowing check-ups at the Vet, it just looks like she was shrunk in the wash. (We think she’s perfect!!!!)

Apr 24, 2016

small rottie? NEW
by: Anonymous

I live in Wales in the UK and I have a large rottweiler myself but we came across a very small adult bitch rottie a few weeks ago. It was a perfect looking rottie with everything from the markings to the stance but she was much smaller. The owner said he breeds them and that she was the smallest the one he’s ever came across so he kept her. Id love to have one aswell

Apr 14, 2016

Mini Rottweiler NEW
by: Anonymous

Chicago our dog showed up in our house and we had no clue what breed he was neither did the vet. Finally through the use of the microchip we found out he is a mini rottweiler and extremely smart and rare breed. The prior owner let us keep him and he is the most enjoyable and loving dog. My youngest son considers him his best friend! Chicago loves kids and loves our family!

Feb 02, 2016

Staff x rottweiler NEW
by: Anonymous

I get asked on a daily basis about my pooch. He is a staff x rottweiler. He is a wonderful dog an has most traits of a staff but looks like a rotty. Thing is he’s not that small as he is only 10month and he is the size of a short lab. I would post a picture but this doesn’t alow me to

Nov 13, 2015

mini rotts yeah NEW
by: Laurie

I have raised three rottwheilers. All were beautiful and well behaved. I would love to own a miniature as I am getting older and need to down size my dog. A miniature rott is what I want.

Oct 27, 2015

reason for a mimi NEW
by: Anonymous

A Rott can be your best friend. I owned them for years. Now I am older, moving into a retirement village where the animal has to be 40 pounds or less. I would love to have the personality, loyalty of a rott ina mini package. I just had to put my best friend of 14 years down. I am crushed inside and really need a new friend but want the perfect pet for my new life style. I’m giving my son and his kids my 4 bedroom house and I am moving into an apartment for seniors. I miss my friend so much, not sure another dog wil help but there is definitely a hole in my heart.

May 18, 2012

Miniature rottweiter NEW
by: Cristina

I don’t even like the idea of a miniature rottweiler. Why? Rottweilers are such a magnificent dogs the way the are! If they want a miniture why not buy a stuffed animal?


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