Size of my Rottweiler


by Vino

My rottweiler is 11 months old and he weighs about 88 pounds, his mother was 90 pounds and his dad was 145 pounds.

I am just wondering if he would reach 120 pounds when he’s fully grown, and will his head grow as well. Thank you

Hi Vino
It’s impossible to say for sure as all Rottweilers grow at different rates and bloodlines, diet, exercise and general health all play a role (with genetics being the most influential).

However, if he weighs 88lbs at 11 months then he’s on track to weigh around 120+lbs at maturity. He’s still very much an adolescent and won’t reach his full height or weight for quite some time. Males usually reach adulthood somewhere between 2/1 and 3 years and won’t have gained their full adult weight until that time.

Generally a pup will mature at a weight somewhere between that of their parents, with a female pup USUALLY being closer to the mom’s weight, a male pup to the dad’s. Of course, there’s no one-size-fits-all formula though and a female puppy can end up heavier than the mom and a male lighter than the dad, at times.

Anyway, just be sure to feed your puppy a premium puppy food and don’t try to make him grow bigger, or faster than is natural for him – that can lead to health problems. My Feeding Puppies and Best Puppy Food pages have all the info. you need on this.

Hope it helps, best of luck with your pup.

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