six month old Rottweiler still losing teeth

by sandoval

I have a female rottweiler i think is more than six months old, and she’s not wanting to eat.

I found a molar on the floor, i think she is in pain when she eats, i do not know if is normal to lose her back teeth?

Hi Sandoval
Teething is normal in pups during the first few months, generally this stage ends around 6 months of age with the incisors (front ‘fangs’) being the last teeth to be replaced.

Rottweilers are often a bit slower to develop and grow than some other breeds, and teething can take longer.

However, she shouldn’t be in so much pain that she doesn’t want to eat, and I’d recommend that you have your veterinarian take a look at her. It’s possible that she’s got an infection, injury or foreign object in her teeth/gums, and that is causing the pain.

Loss of appetite can also be a symptom of many other canine illnesses, check out my Dog Diseases and Symptoms page for more on this.

If in doubt, see your vet. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Best of luck with your pup.

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