Single descended testicle in 6 month Rottweiler

by Rahul Pal
(Bangalore, India)

Recently my dog trainer noticed that my 6 month old rotty has only one testicle descended.

Can you tell me whether this could be an issue in future or should I wait before I look for neutering?


Hi Rahul
The undescended testicle will likely need to be removed as it has been retained in your pups’ abdomen and could become cancerous at a later date.

This type of condition is often genetic and a dog with only one testicle descended shouldn’t be bred as the condition can be passed on to his puppies.

Generally the testicle will have descended by 6 months if it is going to, but if this is a show quality pup you could probably wait another few weeks just in case. BUT if it doesn’t ‘come down’ by then I’d strongly recommend going ahead and having your pup neutered.

If your pup is a pet, not intended for the show ring or to be bred, it would be best to have him neutered right away anyway. Neutering early (preferably before 6 months of age) has huge health benefits to a pup and gives significant protection against reproductive organ disorders including cancer.

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Oct 18, 2010


My Rotty
by: Anonymous

Thanks a lot. I am taking him to my vet this week to get completely diagnosed.

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