Should my rottweiler be moved into a pen

by Susan
(northern ireland)

My healthy rottweiler is almost 10 yr old and we have her the last 7 years. She is always tied by a long rope in the back yard as she has never accepted children, they would be her only hate.

I have now been told she should be in a pen. When we got her she had been confined in one and was not a happy dog. Do you think it is a good thing to put her back into one now?

Hi Susan
In my personal opinion dog should never be chained or tied up outside. They get lonely, bored and isolated. Dogs who are chained are more likely to be defensive, or even act aggressively, when approached by other pets or people because they feel trapped and at a disadvantage and therefore decide their ‘best means of defense is a good offense’… this can lead to all sorts of trouble.

There are also inherent dangers in chaining or tying-out a dog, choking or hanging being the major ones.

However, as your Rottie has been tethered this way for years she has probably accepted this although it would be much better for her to be indoors with her family. This is what I would recommend as the best solution, perhaps you have a laundry room or mud room that she could call ‘her own’ or you could use baby-gates to confine her to the kitchen or whatever rooms you want her to access. At 10 years old there shouldn’t be any issues with house training as she will naturally want to eliminate outdoors and will have full bladder/bowel control.

If this is impossible, then using a pen outdoors for her (with a nice warm bed and plenty of shade) would be better – and safer – than tying her on a rope. She may not like it, but I doubt she likes the rope either, and she would likely adjust given a little bit of time. Rottweilers are very loving dogs and really need to spend time with their owners rather than in isolation, so if there’s any way you can improve her quality of life by bringing her indoors – even if only for part of the day – I would really recommend you try that.

Hope this helps, best of luck.

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Apr 06, 2012 Pen NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi In the US Wal-Mart and Tractor Supply have very nice outdoor kennels that can be ordered. I don’t know what you have as far a “big box stores” in Ireland. But a 10x10x6 kennel may be right for your girl. It will give her some freedom to run around but contain her for both her safety and the safety of the kids. If she’s a digger, you just have to monitor the bottom rails of the pen and fill dig holes with ready mix concrete. We bought a 30x10x6 for two adult Rotties when our regular fence was accidently destroyed. We did have to have them chained for about 2 weeks while waiting for the kennel to be delivered and they were miserable. They love the freedom to run and it keeps them safe.

Apr 04, 2012 reply NEW
by: Anonymous Thanks, I myself don’t think she should be penned. She is a great dog but so dislikes children. She is the only dog we have ever had that didnt get on with children. Our family are all grown up, but there would be children coming to visit and a school just around the corner, so children are walking past all the time. Whatever happened to her with children before we got her she has never changed. Over the years, we have tried and supervised children giving her treats to see if she will accept them but no way.

Apr 04, 2012 reply NEW
by: Anonymous Thanks for your comment. I would have her indoors anytime, but I an frightened of any children walking in. When I am out the back door and can watch she is running around. We have big gates on to keep children away from her but this would not stop children going up to the gates. We do have a jack russell indoors and they both get on fine. Just the children are a big issue. She is a very loving dog to us and I just feel to pen her now she may fret

Apr 04, 2012 dont put ur rottie in a pen please NEW
by: Anonymous i agree with the post above, i dont think any dog should be tried to a rope all the time. the rottie should have time to roam free in a safe environment were they a not at risk of children surpriseing them so they dont react badly. if its possible let her in the house she is an old lady now and deserves some home comforts in her old age. dont put her in a pen please she will not like this.

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