should i get a rottweiler pup

I am choosing a puppy as a family pet, i have a 5 year old child and i would like to have the dog in the house.

Is this the right breed or should i choose another?

Rottweilers make excellent family pets and in my personal opinion having a 5 year old child and a Rottweiler is perfectly possible. Rotties bond closely with their family and should be kept indoors too. I have 6 children and they have all been raised around Rottweilers, it can be a wonderful mix :o)

However, there are other factors to consider and if this is your first dog and you’re not familiar with caring for a large, guardian breed then I wouldn’t necessarily recommend a Rottweiler, even though they’re fantastic dogs overall.

This is because they’re big and strong, very intelligent, and sometimes inclined to be strong-willed. An owner needs to be confident and experienced with dogs in order to overcome any challenges that they may come across as the pup matures. Some Rotties are marshmallows and never give you any trouble, others can be stubborn and try to test the limits during adolescence… of course, this isn’t confined to the Rottweiler breed, but given their size and strength it can make the situation more problematic for inexperienced owners.

I’d recommend that your do a lot of research on the breed, and evaluate your own abilities and personality honestly, before deciding whether or not the Rottweiler is for you. If you’ve raised dogs before, are familiar with large, guardian breeds and have a confident personality, then a Rottie pup could be a perfect fit for your family. However, if you feel nervous or unsure of how to raise a big dog for any reason, then I would look at other breeds too.

You may want to check out these webpages as they have lots of tips and advice on choosing a family dog…. Best Dog Breeds For Children and Best Dog Breeds For Families

Hope this helps, best of luck with whatever breed you choose.

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