by Shannon
(Clarion, Pa)

We had either “Cummins” “Turbo” or “Diesel” in mind before we ever went to get our new addition to the family. When we got to the breeder’s and met our boy, none of those names fit him.

On the way home, in my fiance’s Cummins Turbo Diesel truck, we considered “Ruger” because we also have a newborn son that we named “Remington” (We both hunt and fish and he is a gunsmith). Just then, our little pup started chewing on my hands. I looked at him and said “You’re going to cause a lot of havoc, aren’t you?” Zac and I looked at each other and knew we’d found the right name.

My fun, outdoors, gun and big truck loving fiance then says “Like Shakespeare.. ‘Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war”.

Havoc is a 5 month old, 50 lb teddy bear now. And so gentle with our kids. He even met another Rottweiler with a coordinating name at the vet for a check up not long ago….

His name was “Chaos”. Funny they were both there at the same time.

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