seems that my rot tweiler is very mild

by vivek

I have a 3 months old female rot n she is good in development and much healthy . But it seems to me that it is very mild .

It is not bark at anytime , I wanted my rot to be rashing n I have labradog in ma home and she is learning the same from her , I am very much tensed about this matter.

How can I make my rot rashing.

Hi Vivek
Your Rottweiler puppy is a BABY, you cannot expect a baby to be protective. Plus Rottweilers are not indiscriminately aggressive dogs, if you have bought this pup purely to guard you and want, or expect, a mean dog then I’d strongly advise you to reconsider and find her a more suitable home!

Rottweilers are natural guardians, but they are NOT mean, vicious or aggressive without provocation… and you should never encourage a pup or dog to act aggressively. It will confuse and frighten them and make them unpredicatable and nervous – not brave.

A puppy’s guarding instincts don’t even begin to surface until they’re adolescents (somewhere between 7 and 12 months of age), and even then they’re very basic and it takes a while for the pup to figure out how to deal with them and what is expected from them.

Rotties are very loyal, intelligent, loving and calm. It sounds as though your pup is a typical Rottweiler baby and she needs your love, attention, patience, training and lots of socialization if she’s to grow up to be a good representative of the breed. If you aren’t able to do this for her she would be better off with someone who truly understands the breed and has her best interests at heart.

If I’ve misunderstood your intentions, or question, then I apologize for being so blunt. But I get so many inquiries from new puppy owners wanting an ‘aggressive Rottweiler’ that it’s both frustrating and heartbreaking for me. These dogs are not mean, fighting machines. They are loving, sensitive and intelligent dogs who need love and understanding as much as any other breed.

I hope you take the time to read through all the information on my website so that you can better understand your Rottie puppy and give her what she needs to be happy and healthy. I’d recommend starting with these pages…

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweiler Behavior

Are Rottweilers Dangerous

I hope this helps you and that it gives you the information and understanding you need to build a strong and loving relationship with your Rottweiler. They’re awesome dogs who deserve so much more than they often get.

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Jul 19, 2014

wait NEW
by: shan

every puppy takes his/her own time to become mature and responsible. u have to keep patience and dont force him/her to make a difference in his/her character.

Apr 24, 2012

Grateful NEW
by: Captain Nancy

BE grateful your rottie is not the other way! My guy is very quiet, sweet and laid back. BUT, he seems to know when to get protective without me even trying to tell him to do so. He can read the situation and knows what to do. He loves people and other dogs and I never worry about him being mean. On the other hand, if someone was bothering me…they better head for the hills. Seems to me you have the PERFECT dog.

Apr 23, 2012

No dog is born mean NEW
by: Anonymous

If Vivek wants a personal protection dog then Vivek needs to look into Schutzhund training. It is not an easy sport to get into and does not just cover personal protect or “bite” training. There’s a higher level of obedience necessary for the handler becuse he/she must have full control of the dog. Even with intensive training there’s about a two year committment before a dog and handler are ready for the beginner level.

I agree with Sue 100%. If Vivek got a Rottie because it was supposed to be “mean” the Rottie needs to go to someone that appreciates the breed for what it is. A loyal companion that can be protective, but is not a monster. The pup is “mild” because it has not been trained. No dog in the world is born “mean”.

Apr 23, 2012

Agree NEW
by: Rachel

I agree with your frustration. ROTTS ARE NOT MEAN CHILD EATING DOGS!!! So many people have the wrong idea about rotts. When I walk my dogs, people cross the street or puck up their kids. I have to laugh. I think they are the best breed around. So kind, loving, loyal. I have two of the sweetest dogs around. They love us and people in general We have two huge lap dogs We joke that yeah the dogs would bark at an intruder unless of course they had pizza in their pocket! I’d like to think my girls are good ambassadors for their breed. I hope the poster takes in all of your advice.

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