Roxy the Rottweiler

by Nathaniel
(Fresno ca)

I asked about her head looking different not to long ago.

I now have better pics showing her head. She is 6 months in the pics tell me what you think of her face and look and overall just her.


Hi Nathaniel
I saw the photos you submitted to the Rottweiler Photos page and noticed how nicely she’s growing.

It looks to me as though she’s ‘growing into’ her features which I thought she would do. She’s well built and sturdy for a pup of her age and not as ‘leggy’ as some can get. It is normal for them to be a bit ‘out of proportion’ during the teenage years and it’s best to keep them lean to avoid any damage to their rapidly growing bones and joints.

Her face is still distinctive, but I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong in that. She still has a LOT more growing to do and will continue to change greatly over the next 18 months or so too.

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