by kaylah

this was her at 8 weeks when we brought her home

this was her at 8 weeks when we brought her home

i have been having problems with my 8 months old rottie…she is a wonderfully tempered dog and we absolutely love her. but she is getting very large and will almost like herd me.

she tries to weave in between my legs and steps on my feet a lot which really hurts now that she is probably around 80 lbs. How can i keep her from doing this,…it’s driving me insane 🙂

Hi Kaylah
This is very typical Rottweiler behavior and she’s trying to be a bit ‘pushy’ or dominant. At this age it’s perfectly normal because she’s an adolescent and is testing the limits the way teenagers do.

However, you need to let her know that this behavior isn’t acceptable. A verbal correction and physically pushing her (gently but firmly) off your feet or out of your way is the best way to tackle this. But it will take time and consistent corrections to teach her that you mean business!

Also, don’t allow her to ‘dominate’ in other situations either, she needs to remember that she’s low in the pecking order of the family. Make sure she ‘earns’ everything from meals to play sessions, walks, toys etc. by asking her to sit (and making sure she obeys) before you give her her bowl, a toy, put on her leash and so on.

It sounds as though she’s a really good girl, with a sound temperament, so just be patient with her and keep the house-rules firm but fair, and she’ll eventually grow out of her adolescent behavior and settle down.

Hope this helps, best of luck with her.

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Apr 19, 2012

Basic Obedience NEW
by: Christopher Bayhi

Basic obedience is a MUST for Rotties because of their size and protective nature. Consider signing up your girl for an obedience class. She’s not an old dog, but you can teach an old dog new tricks. So she’ll never be to old for training. With the obedience training she will come to understand that you are the pack leader and she will understand her place in the household. The hearding instinct will be minimized as well.

Apr 19, 2012

Leash Training NEW
by: Neal

In the past, I’ve also found that leash training and reducing dominant Rottie behavior kind of go hand in hand. It seems to help, once your dog figures out who’s in charge, when he/she is on the leash. Once the pulling and attempting to “lead” stops, and you’ve got him/her walking calmly by your side, you might notice other behavioral changes as well.

It might not work for all Rotts, but it worked wonders for my 2-year old rescue, and past dogs. She changed her attitude almost around the same time she was tamed on the leash. Just a thought…

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