rottweilers – why are their tails docked/cropped

by mel

why are rottweilers tails cropped??

it just beats my and i really want to know.. is it just for fashion or what??

Hi Mel
Originally Rottweilers were bred as ‘working dogs’ often herding cattle as well as guarding them and their owners.

When working outdoors a tail could be a ‘liability’ because it can get injured, dirty and/or infected. I believe this is behind the original decision to dock the tails of Rottweilers and many other working breeds.

However, today the majority of Rottweilers aren’t used to actively herd or work in the same way and with modern veterinary care any injuries or issues that arise can be easily treated, so the reason behind this practice is no longer valid.

Although in some countries (including the USA, the Rottweiler Breed Standard calls for the tail to be docked, in Germany and some other European countries however this practice is no longer encouraged or part of the breed requirements.

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