Rottweilers food – what if a Rottie isn’t eating?

by parduman chana

which are the conditions when rottweilers didn’t eat the food?

If a Rottweiler isn’t eating his/her food at all, and is showing any other signs of dog diseases, then I recommend that you have a veterinarian see the dog soon. It’s not normal for a dog not to eat and it means that something is wrong, but it’s not possible for me to say what that might be.

If your dog is simply a ‘picky’ eater and eats only a little, but drinks water normally and is otherwise healthy, then all you need to do is offer a nutritious food daily and allow the dog to decide how much to eat. Nature won’t allow him/her to starve.

For more information on how to find a good food for a Rottweiler where you live (or how to prepare a well-balanced homemade dog food for your dog) check out this webpage Feed Program For Overseas.

Hope this helps. Best of luck.

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