rottweilers and other dogs?

Hi, I have a shitzu and a lhasa who are very friendly and love to make new friends. I am considering a rottweiler to add to the family as I am a single female and will be moving out to the country.

I have heard conflicting stories on how they do with other animals in the house? I will be taking this dog to school and hopefully other exercises but, i would hate for anything to happen to the two I have now.

could I get your opinion please as i have never owned a rottie.

Rottweilers when adult are very big, strong dogs, but they are not dog aggressive by nature. If a Rottie pup is brought up around other pets, including small dogs and cats, they generally accept them just fine and end up best of friends.

The only real risk is of one of the smaller animals getting hurt by accident, as a growing Rottie pup is often unco-ordinated and clumsy, with no awareness of their size or strength. However, cats seem to avoid any mishaps pretty well and I’ve personally never seen a serious injury from this sort of situation.

As you’ve never owned a Rottweiler before I’d recommend that you read the pages on my website that talk aboutRottweiler temperament, and Rottweiler behavior. Also the pages on choosing a Rottweiler breeder, a Rottweiler puppy and taking care of a puppy. These will all help you make the right choice and if you decide on a Rottie pup, help you to raise him/her properly.

Rottweilers are wonderful dogs, but they do need someone who is confident and able to project leadership (NOT harsh, punitive or physical way though!), plus someone physically strong enough to walk a dog who will mature at 100lbs plus etc. etc.

Hope this helps, best of luck with your decision and if you choose a Rottie and need more help you can always come back here 🙂

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Dec 11, 2010


Rotties with other dogs
by: Anonymous

I have owned two rotties while having other breeds of dogs as well as cats. Raised with the other animals they were never a problem . Like previously stated they are a bit clumbsy as juveniles , s you just need to watch play with the littler ones. You will never own a dog quite like a rottie

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