Rottweilers and horses

I have horses and a 18 month old adopted Rottweiler. So far he seems good with the horses but whenever one rolls (horses like to roll just like dogs do) he jumps on it. He also runs with the horses (he doesn’t seem to chase them, just wants to run when they run). When I call him, he will come ‘after’ he finished running with the horses.

I have had him for over half a year. Except for the jumping on the horses when they roll, he is pretty good. Any suggestions or ideas about the rolling on the horses? If I go up and say “no”, the horse gets scared and thinks that I am scolding it.

I don’t have horses myself, but Rottweilers have historically been used as herding dogs and generally get along fine with horses, cattle and so on.

I’m afraid I’m really not sure about the jumping on the horses but assume it’s a reaction based on instinct that your dog probably doesn’t think about just acts on impulse. As long as the horses don’t seem to mind it and no-one is getting hurt, personally I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

However, if it upsets the horses or it looks like someone is going to get hurt, then you may need to keep your dog away from them until you can get him trained to the point where he stops when you tell him to. For that I would recommend some formal dog obedience classes and constant practice. Rottweilers are very intelligent and eager to please, so with effort and patience you should be able to override his desire to jump on your horses.

If anyone else has experience with Rotties (or dogs in general) and horses, please feel free to jump in with any tips or help you can offer. Thanks 🙂

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May 14, 2016


rottie mom NEW
by: Anonymous

my rottie goes crazy when she sees one of the horses rolling too. she also runs with one of them and I cant seem to get her to stop. I hope no one gets hurt. The horse will instigate it so its not just the dog doing it alone. they are both being rowdy.

Feb 05, 2012


I could use advise also NEW
by: Anonymous

my rotti with be 3 in 4 months. We have had him since he was 10 weeks. He has had months of professional training plus us working with him. But he hates our horses and donkey. I’m scared to let him off leash. I don’t think he would hurt them but either way I want everyone to get along.

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