Rottweiler with overbite – what’s the remedy?

by Bob
(Ft myers FL)

I just got an estimate from a vet for 2 visits and surgical procedures to put in bite protection.

Then to remove it and grind down her bottom canines in order to mitigate damage her overbite can cause.

Is there a better remedy?

Hi Bob
First of all I have to remind you that I’m not a veterinarian, so anything I say here is just personal opinion!

However, if I were you, first of all I’d get at least a second opinion as to whether or not your pup actually needs any kind of ‘orthodontic’ work done because of her overbite.

To the best of my knowledge, you don’t NEED to do anything to correct an overbite unless it’s extremely severe, and causing her pain, difficulty eating and so on. And that very rarely happens.

Also, I’m assuming this is a pup and if so, the bite could well change as she matures, so any kind of action taken too early may not be needed at all, or not be enough, depending on the individual situation.

Rottweilers should have a ‘scissor bite’ and anything other than that is a cosmetic fault and a problem in a show pup, but in a pet it’s no big deal. Also, you can’t show a pup who’s had a defect surgically corrected or whatever, so it would be unnecessary in that instance.

I would suggest that you talk to one, or maybe even two, other vets and ask them if any action is actually needed at this point, and also use your own common sense as to whether or not she is having any issues with this. You know your pup/dog best.

If she is indeed having problems, and the overbite is severe enough to warrant intervention, then a second (and even third) opinion is still advisable so that you can make a decision from a position of strength and are an informed ‘parent’.

Hope this helps, best of luck with the situation.

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Jun 21, 2011


by: Anonymous

my puppy’s got an overbite also and it just means i can’t breed him or show him which i don’t intend to anyway. i’ve asked the vet about it and she said he’ll be completely fine and it’s no big deal as long as he’s eating properly ect. but she did say that as he gets older because of his overbite his tongue might stick out a little bit more than usual and it might dry out a bit but that’s about it. anyway, i love him to death and i think his overbite’s adorable and i wouldn’t change a thing about him! don’t stress about it, it’s common and if you got any major concerns i’d recommened asking your vet about it.

Feb 23, 2011


by: carmel

Our 3 year old `Rocky` had as a puppy /still has an overbite , we had it checked when he was little and were advised by our vet to leave it untill he was 12 months as the shape of a dogs mouth changes as he grows until he reaches adulthood.He is now 3 years old, still has his overbite but has never had any problems, pain or discomfort with his teeth or mouth. we give him meaty knuckles to chew on and they keep his teeth clean and filed.It would be a shame to put your boy through painful orthodontic treatment for something that will proberly right itself as he grows.

Feb 23, 2011


by: Lina


My Rottweiler has an over bite and he is 9 months old. My vet told me not to worry about as grinding the teeth can cause more pain in the long run as the root can ne expose which can be very painful. She reccomended to wait when he is at least 12 months old to get his teeth check. And if the bottom fangs predrueds into the top pallet deep enough to cause pain or discomfort then grinding may be needed.

But he is a happy dog and it don’t seem to bother him, he eats well. I also give him raw meaty bones and this also helps the teeth to keep them short and blunt.

So if i was you just wait and see what happens when your dog is 12 months old.

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