Rottweiler swallowing food without chewing!

by kam

hello again,
my 4 month old rottweiler hunter swallows his food without biting at all, he also swallows his chewing bones and today he puked everything out and i found that all his food was unchewed as well as all the chew bones were still one piece.

how can i stop this behaviour ?

thank you for answering all my questions

Hi Kam
Rottweilers can be ‘chow hounds’ and eat very greedily. That’s not good for them as it can be a contributing factor in canine bloat.

Eating anything else, including ‘edible’ toys and bones is also dangerous, as it can cause an intestinal blockage.

The best thing I can recommend is to get a ‘no-gulp’ bowl – one that has been specifically designed to deal with dogs that eat too quickly. You can see what I mean here.. Go Slow Anti-Gulping Bowl – Large. This will help to slow down his eating and perhaps he’ll chew a bit more!

As for him swallowing edible bones etc. whole, I can only suggest that you supervise him closely when he’s playing and make sure that you correct him if it looks like he’s going to swallow something he shouldn’t.

Don’t give him ‘greenies’, rawhide, pig ears or anything else edible. Also choose the largest possible size of toys so that it’s much more difficult for him to try to eat them.

As he matures he’ll be less likely to do this and hopefully regular correction and supervision will take care of it for now. Good luck

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