by Girish
(Kalyan , India)

Hi Sue,

New terminology used to appraise the rotties lead me to ask your opinion on this…

Great Deep Muzzle Stop ! Good Short Muzzle !!

As far as i know the standards speak for well- defined muzzle stop for rottweilers. Not deep muzzle stop. About Short Muzzle length! – more and more rotties now a days with more shorter muzzle length like the Boxer! Where as again the standard asks for 3:2 proportion which means from back skull to muzzle stop if it’s 18 cm the muzzle length (from muzzle stop to tip of nose)should be 9 cm.

*the muzzle length should not be short like a mastiff neither must be long like a German Shepherd or Doberman. More muzzle length actually also relates to stamina, suitability to work in diff. climates and also increased ability to scent hound related working capability. Rotties being a combination of power and workability, the length must neither be shorter nor it should be longer.

Keeping all the above in mind, seeing lot of new generation bred rotties giving more emphasis on shorter muzzle I am bit confused.

please give your opinion on this and how you look to it.


Hi Girish
First of all I’d have to say that I am not personally involved in conformation shows and although my dogs are from some of the best bloodlines (Bronko, Gil, Doc, Willi etc.) conformation shows are not something I am too familiar with.

I’m not aware of any prospective/official changes to the Rottweiler Breed Standard in relation to the muzzle shape/proportions and so on and I’m guessing you’re referring to how individual breeders are marketing their dogs!

However, you’re right about the 3:2 proportions (no mention of ‘short’ muzzle, and in the AKC breed standard (referencing the zygomatic stop) it says ‘zygomatic arch and stop well developed it does not say ‘deep’.

The way I understand it, a well-built Rottweiler headpiece should have a strong zygomatic arch, well-developed stop, and the ratio of backskull to muzzle should be 3:2 ALL of these ‘pieces’ need to be in place in order to make that ‘perfect’ Rottweiler head that we love.

Although the Breed Standard is supposed to convey the ‘ideal’ Rottweiler, looks are a very subjective thing and everyone has their own preference when it comes to appearance in their dogs. However, I do know what you mean about the preference for a short muzzle… it’s the same as the desire for an the extra-large size Rottie in my opinion and results from a lack of understanding of the breed.

It’s not a huge mastiff – either in head type or body size, the Rottweiler is a working dog and adding extra size, or shortening the muzzle definitely impact the dog’s ability to work by limiting his movement, speed, and ability to breath freely perhaps even impacting his ability to track scents. If a Rottweiler can’t work, then no matter how it looks, it’s not the ‘complete’ dog or true to it’s history and breed type.

In fact breed ‘type’ is probably the most difficult thing to qualify and is unfortunately open to interpretation by breeders who may be inclined to breed for the ‘look’ they prefer rather than the ‘ideal’ as set down in the Rottweiler breed standard. Rottweilers are known for their strong and distinctive head ‘type’ and it will be disastrous for the breed as a whole if this is lost. Once a physical feature like muzzle type becomes diluted or radically altered, it becomes very difficult to repair the damage and that would be a huge loss.

It think it will all come down to the core group of breeders who adhere to the breed standard (and not just in relation to the headpiece, but to the body as a whole and to temperament, movement etc. also) and who hopefully will keep the features that define this breed alive and well.

Remember though… I’m not an expert in this area and these are my personal observations!


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Jan 27, 2016

Muzzle length NEW
by: Sanket Singh

If head is 18cm then muzzle should be 12cm.

Jan 27, 2016

Muzzle length NEW
by: Sanket Singh

If head is 18cm then muzzle should be 12cm.

Feb 05, 2011

Rottweiler Standards.
by: Himanshu Mehta


You seem to know a lot about Rottweilers. Who all do you count as good breeders of Rottweilers in India? Chippy is our first rottweiler.

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